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for the beginning of the transitional surface slope at any point along the lateral boundary of the primary surface , including the CZ , draw a line from this point to the runway centerline . This line will be at right angles to the runway axis . The elevation at the runway centerline is the elevation for the beginning of the 7:1 slope .
Incompatible Development Located in the Imaginary Surfaces at Seymour Johnson AFB Natural and manmade structures pose a potential safety concern for flight operations within Department of Defense established imaginary surfaces associated with Seymour Johnson AFB Runway 8 / 26 .
Compatibility Assessment Jurisdictions surrounding a military installation need to be aware of the various vertical obstructions and how they can impact the installation operations and missions . General development , towers , power lines , wind energy conservation systems or any other structures that are capable of causing incompatible development can ultimately threaten an installation ’ s day to day activity .
While jurisdictions within the JLUS Study Area have imposed height limits for zoning districts , there are instances where an increase in height limits are allowed by a conditional use permit ( CUP ) or a special use permit ( SUP ). There is a general concern that existing structures may be approved for height increases that would interfere with line of sight and aviation operations at Seymour Johnson AFB .
Incompatible development can include natural o within imaginary surfaces and in particular , the A Clearance Surfaces associated with the runways Figure 5.23‐2 shows the imaginary surfaces asso Seymour Johnson AFB runways and vertical obst is one obstruction which is a communication tow Horizontal Surface . This tower is 171 feet tall , ex for this surface by 21 feet .
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City of Goldsboro Zoning Ordinance Each zoning district within the City of Goldsboro regulations , but not all are compatible with the e imaginary surfaces . The Agriculture District ( AG ) have an allowable maximum height of up to 35 f Institutional 1 District has an allowable maximum Office and Institutional 2 District does not have a maximum height . In all residential districts , the h may be increased by up to ten feet provided the front and side setbacks shall be increased by five
Section 5.2.7 of the zoning ordinance includes sp specific to Seymour Johnson AFB – no structure height limitations established by the Seymour Jo height restrictions in the AICUZ Study are based Regulation Part 77 and are documented in the D Criteria 3‐260‐01 Airfield and Heliport Planning a
Table 5.23‐1 provides analysis of allowable build district in the City of Goldsboro where they occu Green indicates compatibility and yellow indicat depending on the structure height .
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for the beginning of the transitional surface slope at any point along the  lateral boundary of the primary surface, including the CZ, draw a line from  this point to the runway centerline.  This line will be at right angles to the  runway axis. The elevation at the runway centerline is the elevation for the  beginning of the 7:1 slope.  Incompatible development can include natural or man‐made structures  within imaginary surfaces and in particular, the Approach‐Departure  Clearance Surfaces associated with the runways at Seymour Johnson AFB.   Figure 5.23‐2 shows the imaginary surfaces associated with the  Seymour Johnson AFB runways and vertical obstructions per the FAA.  There  is one obstru [۰X0\p[][X][۰\]Y0][p[\ܚ^۝[0\XK0\\\ MpY]0[ 0^YY[p ML00Z[[ܰ\\Xpp pY] 0TQp$ p[\]Xp][Y[0]Y0[p[XY[\p\X\]0^[[\۰Q0^\[“]\[0[0X[XYpX\\pp[X[0Y]pۘ\ܰY0\][ۜ][\\Y[0ٰY[p\X\Y0[XY[\p\X\\X]Y0]0^[[\۰Q[^p ̍]Hو؛ܛۚ[ܙ[[BXX0ۚ[\X0][p]pٰ؛ܛ\\X\Y0ZY0Y[][ۜ0]00[0\p\]Xp]0p\X\Y0ZYٰp[XY[\p\X\˰pYܚX[\p\X0 Qp[0[0\Y[X[0\X]p[[XpX^[][pZY0ٰ\0 pY] 0pٙXp[0[]][ۘ[0 p\X0\[[XpX^[][pZY0ٰ\0 pY] pٙXp[0[]][ۘ[0 \X0\0]p[\XXp[XpX^[][pZY [[0\Y[X[0\X0pZY0[Z]ٰ[0X\\X^pp[ܙX\Y0p\0[Y]0ݚYY0p\ٰ0p\]Z\Y0۝0[0Yp]X[0p[ܙX\Y0p]pY]0p\p[K\]X[]H\\Y[\\X[ۜ\[[pZ[]\p[[][۰YY0p]\pٰp\[\\X[0؜X[ۜ[0^p[[\X0p[[][۰\][ۜ[0Z\[ۜ˰0[\[0][Y[ 0\0\[\0[0[\pۜ\][۰\[\ܰ[p\X\\]0\p\Xpٰ]\[[\]Xp][Y[0[[[X][pX][[[[][۸&\^p^pX]]K0000X[۰ Kٰpۚ[ܙ[[p[Y\XYXZY0Y[][ۜXYX^[[\۰Q8$X\p[^YY0p\XXpZY0[Z]][ۜ\X\Y0pp^[[\۰QRPVYK0pZY0\X[ۜ[pRPVYp\p\Y0۰p۝Z[Y0[PpY[][۰\0 [0\p[Y0[p0[YYY0X[]pܚ]\Xp $ 8$ pZ\Y[0[0[\ܝ0[[[0\Yۋ[p\\X[ۜ][pTYp\Xp]p[\Y0ZY0[Z]ܰۚ[\X0\p\p[[\\p[[ܙX\p[ZY0[Z]\p[Y0ppۙ][ۘ[0\p\Z]0 T pܰpXX[0\p\Z]0 T K0\p\p[\[0ۘ\]0^\[X\\X^pp\ݙY0ܰZY0[ܙX\\]0[0[\\p]0[pٰY0[0]X][۰\][ۜ]0^[[\۰Q000Yp K$ 0Xp K$ pݚY\[[\\ٰ[XpZ[[ZYܰXX0ۚ[\X0[p]pٰ؛ܛ\p^p\[XX0[XY[\p\XKܙY[[X]\\]X[]p[0Y[[X]\[X[0[\]X[]K0\[[۰pX\pZY 0Xܛ[0\ܝ0