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unincorporated communities within these counties are also within the Study Area , though not JLUS partners . The landscapes within the Study Area consist of agricultural lands and forest areas . The general area is mostly rural farmlands along with higher density development in the cities . The eastern counties within the Study Area consist of coastal lowlands .
The following is a description of each partnering jurisdiction in the JLUS Study Area .
cultural and economic center of the county . The 1705 , is the state ’ s oldest town , first capital , and the early eighteenth century . The town of Choco hub of the Norfolk Southern Railway starting in 1 Beaufort County include Aurora , Belhaven , Pant Washington Park . The 2010 population of the co
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Beaufort County Beaufort County is located on the eastern shore of North Carolina , approximately 100 miles east of Seymour Johnson AFB and about 60 miles west of DCR . The county consists of areas to the north and south of the Pamlico River . The county is approximately 958 square miles , making it the fifth largest county in North Carolina . The county is situated southwest of the Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge and north of Route 70 , which is located north of the Croatan National Forest . Jurisdictions bordering Beaufort County include Washington County to the northeast , Hyde County to the east , Pamlico County to the southeast , Craven County to the southwest , Pitt County to the west , and Martin County to the northwest . Beaufort County consists of various bodies of water and flatlands which characterizes the state ’ s coastal plains region .
Established in 1705 , Beaufort County is one of North Carolina ’ s oldest counties . The county was originally formed as Bath County and was the state ’ s first capital due to its location . Beaufort County was known to be the point of entry due to its port during early settlement . In April 1782 , the Battle of Beaufort occurred in the county ; one of the last battles of the Revolutionary War .
Numerous towns are located in Beaufort County . The City of Washington , the county seat , is named in honor of President George Washington . It once had a thriving shipbuilding trade and a busy port . Washington remains the
Beaufort County Courthouse
Bertie County Bertie County is located in northeastern North C miles northeast of Seymour Johnson AFB , and ab The county is bordered by the Chowan and Roan the Cashie River , which flows into Albemarle Sou Bertie County include Hertford County to the no
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unincorporated communities within these counties are also within the Study  Area, though not JLUS partners.   The landscapes within the Study Area  consist of agricultural lands and forest areas. The general area is mostly rural  farmlands along with higher density development in the cities. The eastern  counties within the Study Area consist of coastal lowlands.  cultural and economic center of the county. The Town of Bath, established in  1705, is the state’s oldest town, first capital, and was a port of entry during  the early eighteenth century. The town of Chocowinity served as the railroad  hub of the Norfolk Southern Railway starting in 1910. Other towns located in  Beaufort County include Aurora, Belhaven, Pantego, River Road, and  Washington Park. The 2010 population of the county was 47,759.  The following is a description of each partnering jurisdiction in the JLUS Study  Area.  Source: http://www.northcarolinahistory.org/encyclopedia/570/entry  Beaufort County Beaufort County is located on the eastern shore of North Carolina,  approximately 100 miles east of Seymour Johnson AFB and about 60 miles  west of DCR. The county consists of areas to the north and south of the  Pamlico River. The county is approximately 958 square miles, making it the  fifth largest county in North Carolina. The county is situated southwest of the  Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge and north of Route 70, which is  located north of the Croatan National Forest. Jurisdictions bordering Beaufort  County include Washington County to the northeast, Hyde County to the  east, Pamlico County to the southeast, Craven County to the southwest, Pitt  County to the west, and Martin County to the northwest. Beaufort County  consists of various bodies of water and flatlands which characterizes the  state’s coastal plains region.   Established in 1705, Beaufort County is one of North Carolina’s oldest  counties. The county was originally formed as Bath County and was the  state’s first capital due to its location. Beaufort County was known to be the  point of entry due to its port during early settlement. In April 1782, the Battle  of Beaufort occurred in the county; one of the last battles of the  Revolutionary War.     Beaufort County Courthouse  Bertie County Bertie County is located in northeastern North Carolina, approximately 85  miles