JLUS Background Report sj_br_report_sm - Page 318

Perquimans Hertford County Black Swamp Pasquotank County Southern Shores £ ¤ 17 Mashoes Marsh Davis Pond 32 Columbia Roper 99 £ ¤ 64 Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge New Lake ¬ « 45 Upper Pungo Pantego River Wetlands Belhaven Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge Phelps Lake Pocosin Lakes Refuge Pungo Unit ¬ « Tyrrell County Creswell Washington County Legend Kill Devil Hills « S ¬ T 308 Dare County Range National Wildlife Refuge Areas of Concern Kitty Hawk Chowan County Edenton Figure 5.21-4 Duck Hollow Ground Swamp Roanoke Marsh National Wildlife Refuge Areas of Concern b a 158 Airspace Floor Altitude Nags Head Manteo Surface-249 ft 500-999 ft T S 345 1000+ ft Installation Boundary County Boundary Grapevine Marsh Whipping Creek Lake ¬ « 94 Swan Creek Lake Dare County Range JLUS County Partner Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge Back Lake Municipal Boundary US Highway State Highway Dare County Railroad Water Body ¬ « 12 Pungo River Preserve Hyde County No Ache Mattamuskeet National Wildlife Refuge Lake Mattamuskeet b a 264 Bog Opening Judith Marsh Sources: US Fish and Wildlife Service, 2016. North Carolina Natural Heritage Program, 2015. Seymour Johnson AFB, 2015. DoD AP/1B June 25, 2015. Swanquarter National Wildlife Refuge Brigand Bay Gum Swamp Page 5.21‐28 0 Duck Ponds 4 8 Miles Background Report