JLUS Background Report sj_br_report_sm - Page 315

Table 5.21-6 Wayne County Airport Overlay Permitted Uses SLUCM No. Land Use APZ I APZ II 10 Residential No No 13, 15 Hotels, motels, bed & breakfast, transient lodging, etc. No No 14 Manufactured home park No No 21 Manufacture of foodstuffs No Yes 283 Manufacture of pharmaceuticals No No 34 Fabrication or assembly of products from prestructured materials No Yes 343 Manufacture of electrical components No Yes 39 Custom fabrication Yes Yes 396 Manufacture of tobacco products Yes Yes 40 Transportation, utilities and communications uses Yes Yes 46 Parking areas or structures Yes Yes 48 Public safety or public facilities Yes Yes 51 Warehousing, distribution and wholesale trade Yes Yes 546 Bakeries No Yes 553 Service Stations Yes Yes 58 Restaurants, bars, etc. No No 593 Pawn Shops Yes Yes 621 Laundries, dry cleaning or linen supply No No Background Report    SLUCM No. Land Use 6214 APZ I APZ II Self-service laundries No Yes 6232 Barbershops No Yes 624 Funeral homes & crematoriums No Yes 63 Rental shops Yes Yes 631 Signs, advertising Yes Yes 64 Repair shops Yes Yes 641 Garages, automobile repair and storage Yes Yes 651 Hospitals, nursing homes, convalescent homes, life care communities, etc. No No 6514 Dental, medical or other research laboratories No No 652 Day care centers - child and adult No No 68 Schools, public and private No No 683 Schools, vocational or professional No No 6911 Churches No No 70 Recreation, entertainment, cultural uses not already listed No No 71, 72 Public assembling, theaters, auditoriums No No 739 Driving ranges or Putt-Putt No Yes 741 Golf courses including Par 3 (no club houses Yes Yes 76 Parks, and recreation facilities No No Page 5.21‐25