JLUS Background Report sj_br_report_sm - Page 308

Figure 5.21-2 Evaluation of Future Land Use Under Safety Zones Wayne County and City of Goldsboro Y AM US HW 70 GRAN THAM US ASH HW Y Legend ASH 70 Safety Zone CZ Goldsboro US 70 Seymour Johnson Air Force Base £ ¤ 70 APZ I APZ II Installation Boundary Municipal Boundary Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction Stream / River Water Body US Highway State Highway ARR ING TON B RIDG E L BIL Local Road Railroad E LAN Airfield Surface Area S T 111 S T 581 Conditionally Not Compatible Compatible Future Land Use Compatibility Legend Rural Residential / Agriculture Medium Density Residential Commercial Source: City of Goldsboro, 2015. Industrial Conservation 0 ½ 1 Miles Page 5.21‐18 Background Report