JLUS Background Report sj_br_report_sm - Page 289

Design Guidelines for Approach Zones include :
• Maximize the length of the approach zone , to provide optimal stacking distance for the traffic queue .
• Reversible lanes can increase throughput and flexibility where space is unavailable for additional lanes .
• Sort traffic by vehicle type . For example : use the farthest right lane for truck traffic . Rejection of these vehicles requires additional space for their larger turning radii .
• Separating vehicles with varying inspection requirements can also increase throughput . For example : authorized personnel could use a separate lane with automated equipment .
• The City of Goldsboro ’ s 2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan Update identifies that Berkley Blvd . at various locations from Seymour Johnson ’ s main gate to US 70 do not meet the City ’ s goal of maintaining an LOS of C or better . The plan included no discussion of Base coordination or plans for addressing vehicle congestion near the Seymour Johnson AFB main gate .
• The amount of room provided for the Seymour Johnson AFB Approach Zone does not have adequate capacity to accommodate queuing vehicles on installation .
Background Report
Design Guidelines for Approach Zones include:   Maximize the length of the approach zone, to provide optimal stacking  distance for the traffic queue.   Reversible lanes can increase throughput and flexibility where space is  unavailable for additional lanes.   Sort traffic by vehicle type.  For example: use the farthest right lane for  truck traffic.  Rejection of these vehicles requires additional space for  their larger turning radii.   Separating vehicles with varying inspection requirements can also  increase throughput.  For example: authorized personnel could use a  separate lane with automated equipment.  Findings  The City of Goldsboro’s 2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan Update  identifies that Berkley Blvd. at various locations from Seymour  Johnson’s main gate to US 70 do not meet the City’s goal of  maintaining an LOS of C or better.  The plan included no discussion of  Base coordination or plans for addressing vehicle congestion near the  Seymour Johnson AFB main gate.   The amount of pݚYY0ܰp^[[\۰Q\X0ۙp\0]pY\]X]p\X]pX[[]p]Y]Z[ZX\۰[[][ۋ0Xܛ[0\ܝ0Yp K8$