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Noise from Overflight Affects Bird and Waterfowl Population Roosting and Nesting Concern that noise from low‐level overflight on flight paths to / and from Dare County Range affects local bird and waterfowl population roosting and nesting along coastal areas and at the Mattamuskeet National Wildlife Refuge .
Due to the presence of the Atlantic Flyway , natu protection areas including bird and waterfowl h factor flight patterns and risk prior to engaging flight documents contain various instructions to and waterfowl habitat including the Mattamusk unnecessary flight risks . It is important to note measures can potentially degrade military read even cancel mission critical training exercises , w lost hours of training and skills proficiencies .
There are a number of military airspaces , including MTRs and Restricted Areas located between Seymour Johnson AFB and the DCR . Some of these MTRs authorize aviation operations below 500 feet , while some Restricted Areas authorize flight from the surface of the ground . The primary concern is the noise generated from military aircraft overflight which can disrupt bird and waterfowl roosting and nesting patterns .
Figure 5.21‐4 illustrates these military airspaces relative to National Wildlife Refuges ( NWRs ) in the area surrounding the DCR . The Atlantic Flyway – a mass migratory path for birds covers the majority of North Carolina . Collectively the Flyway combined with military airspace , can have an impact on bird roosting and nesting including disturbances that cause a flight response that can become an avoidance hazard for aircraft pilots . During migratory periods , particularly in the autumn in North Carolina , upwards of 35,000 tundra swans , and winter eagles and summer breeding osprey gravitate to the Mattamuskeet NWR . This makes this area ideal for bird habitation , including breeding , feeding , and nesting .
For the most part , pilots are instructed to avoid areas of birds and people so that noise impacts will not adversely impact either population . However , it is not always possible for pilots to avoid overflight near bird populations .
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Seymour Johnson Air Force Base Adden Instruction 13 212 Seymour Johnson AFB published an Addendum 13‐212 ( AFI 13‐212 ), which prescribes avoidanc Seymour Johnson pilots to avoid sensitive ecoto areas . Some of the areas identified in the AFI 1 a 2,000 ft . AGL minimum altitude when flying o Pungo Unit , Mattamuskeet NWR , and Swanqua altitude is designed to lessen the noise ( and imp the wildlife that exist in these areas ).
Preliminary Draft Integrated Natural Res Plan Dare County Range July 2015 / Sey Base Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard Plan Fe In the Preliminary Draft of the Integrated Natur Plan ( INRMP ) for the DCR , the February 2015 Se Wildlife Aircraft Strike Hazard ( BASH ) Plan is list BASH Plan stipulates instructions for bird avoida situations . While the BASH Plan is focused on s are some good existing measures in place to red birds and waterfowl in the area .
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ISSUE  NOI‐3  Due to the presence of the Atlantic Flyway, natural resources and resource  protection areas including bird and waterfowl habitat, the military must  factor flight patterns and risk prior to [Y[[Z[[X]]K0p0Y0[۝Z[\[\[X[ۜ]Y0ۛ۰\X\ٰ\0[0]\0X]]0[Y[pX][]\Y]0԰\0ܙX]p[X\\pY0\˰0]0\[\ܝ[0p]0Y][ۘ[0]Y[pYX\\\[[X[pYܘYpZ[]\pXY[\[0[^K0ۙK0ܰ][[[0Z\[۰ܚ]X[0Z[[^\\\0X0[\[0[\\0\ٰZ[[[0[ٚXY[Y\˰\ppݙ\Y0YX\0[0]\0[][۰[[0\[ۘ\]0\pp$][0ݙ\Y0۰Y0] [0p\p[p[pYX[0\0[0]\0[][۰[[0\[[ۙ\[0\X\[0]0pX][]\Y]0][ۘ[0[YpYYK^\[•\p\pp\ٰZ[]\pZ\X\0[Y[U[0\XY0\X\]Y0]Y[^[[\۰Q[0pԋ0Ypٰ\pU]]ܚ^p]X][۰\][ۜ[ L 0Y] 0[pYp\XY0\X\]]ܚ^pY0pp\Xpٰpܛ[ 0p[X\pۘ\\p\p[\]Y0pZ[]\pZ\ܘY0ݙ\Y0X0[\ܝ\0\0[0]\0[[0\[]\˰00^[[\ۈZ\ܘH\HY[[HKZ\ܘB[X[ۈ L L^[[\۰QX\Y0[Y[[pZ\ܘp[X[۰L$ L Qp L$ LK0X0\ܚX\]Y[p\X\[\Yp^[[\۰[]Y0[]]pX\\p[0[\ۛY[[0\X\˰0Ypٰp\X\Y[YYY0[pQp L$ LY[[pp[YY0p 0 Q0Z[[][p[]Yp[Z[ݙ\p[Z\Ԏ[[] 0X][]\Y]0ԋ0[0[]X\\ԋ0\Z[[][p[]Yp\\YۙY0\[p\p [0[\X0[\\p\K0pp[Yp]0^\0[\p\X\KY\p Kx$ 0[\]\\pZ[]\pZ\X\[]]p][ۘ[0[YpYY\ Ԝp[p\Xp\[[pԋ0p][X]^p8$pX\ZYܘ]ܞp]0ܰ\ݙ\pXZܚ]pٰܝ0\[K0X][pp]^pX[Y0]0Z[]\pZ\XK0[]p[[\X0۰\0[[0\[[Y[\\[\]0]\ppY0\ۜp]0[XYp[]Y[p^\0ܰZ\ܘY0[˰\[ZYܘ]ܞp\[0\X[\p[p]][[[ܝ0\[K0\\ٰK 0[p[0[0[\XY\[0[[Y\YY[^pܘ]]]ppX][]\Y]0ԋ0\XZ\\\XpYX[0ܰ\0X]][ۋ0[Y[YY[0YY[0[0\[˰[[Z[\HY[Yܘ]Y]\[\\\X[Y[Y[[\H[H[H[H MH ^[[\ۈZ\ܘB\H\Z\ܘYZH^\[XX\H MB[p[[Z[\pY0ٰp[Yܘ]Y0]\[0\\\X[Y[Y[0[ ST pܰpԋ0pXX\p Mp^[[\۰\0 [YpZ\ܘY0Zp^\0 T p[\\Y0\[\[^ 0p MpT0[\[]\[X[ۜܰ\0]Y[p\[\Z[]X][ۜ˰0[ppT0[\\Y0۰Y]p]\[\K0\p\pYp0^\[YX\\\[XpYXpp\p[\X0۰\[0]\0[p\XK0ܰp[0\ 0[\p[XY0]Y0\X\ٰ\[0[p]0\p[\X[00Y\[p[\X0Z]\[][ۋ0]\0]0\0[^\Xpܰ[]Y0ݙ\Y0X\\0[][ۜ˰Yp KN8$ ̰Xܛ[0\ܝ0