JLUS Background Report sj_br_report_sm - Page 275

Land Use 65 dnl Contour 70 dnl Contour 75 dnl Contour 80 dnl Contour Schools, vocational or professional Yes Yes - 25 No No Churches Yes Yes No No Yes - 25 Yes - 30 No No Public assembling, theaters, auditoriums No No No No Driving ranges or Putt-Putt Yes Yes No No Golf courses including Par 3 (no club houses) Yes Yes - 25 Yes - 30 No Parks, and recreation facilities Yes Yes No No Resources production and extraction Yes Yes Yes Yes Agriculture, including the sale and processing of products produced on the Yes Yes Yes Yes - 35 Nursery, plant or greenhouse Yes Yes - 25 Yes - 30 Yes - 35 Marketing, processing and grading of farm products Yes Yes - 25 No No Recreation, entertainment, cultural uses not already listed Source: Wayne County Land Use Code     Findings  The City of Goldsboro and Wayne County contain land uses within the  Seymour Johnson AFB noise contours and have adopted a list of  permitted uses and NRL measures required to mitigate the impacts of  outdoor to indoor noise through a Noise Overlay District and Airport  Overlay District.   Uses and noise mitigation measures per the City of Goldsboro Noise  Overlay District are compliant with the Air Force recommendations  for compatible land uses and in some cases more restrictive.      Uses and noise mitigation measures within the Wayne County Airport  Overlay District are generally compliant with the Air Force  recommendations for compatible land uses though some uses such as  residential are listed as conditionally compatible where they are  discouraged or highly discouraged in the Air Force instruction.                  Background Report      Page 5.18‐31