JLUS Background Report - Page 261

AS H Conditionally Not Compatible Compatible Existing Land Use Compatibility Legend Seymour Johnson Air Force Base Low Density Residential Medium Density Residential Multi-Family Residential Figure 5.18-2 Evaluation of Existing Land Use Under Noise Contours Wayne County and City of Goldsboro Legend 201 \H۝\ B؛ܛ[Y\X[HٙXH[[]][ۘ[[\BHXܙX][ۂ\[\Y[X[ YܚX[\BT•X[ ŒLB H\]XB[[][ۈ[\B][X\[[\B^KU\]ܚX[\\X[ۂX[H ]\]\BTY^B]HY^B°LŒBTŒ“[YZ[YZ\Y[\XH\XB°MBN B^[B[B؛ܛ•^[B[B°BLM”^[[\ۈZ\ܘH\BL LM°°B\N]Hو؛ܛ M^[[\ۈQ MKXܛ[0\ܝBBZ[BYp KN8$ M