JLUS Background Report - Page 257

LAND USE SUGGESTED LAND USE COMPATIBILITY SLUCM No. Land Use Name DNL 65-69 DNL 70-74 DNL 75-79 DNL 80-84 DNL 85+ 83 Forestry activities Y 8 Y 9 Y 10 Y 10,11 Y 10,11 84 Fishing activities Y Y Y Y Y 85 Mining activities Y Y Y Y Y 89 Other resource production or extraction Y Y Y Y Y Source: Air Force Instruction AFI32-7063, Rev. December 2015 Key: SLUCM – Standard Land Use Coding Manual, U.S. Department of Transportation Y (Yes) – Land use and related structures compatible without restrictions. N (No) – Land use and related structures are not compatible and should be prohibited. Y x – Yes with restrictions. The land use and related structures generally are compatible. However, see note(s) indicated by the superscript. N x – No with exceptions. The land use and related structures are generally incompatible. However, see note(s) indicated by the superscript. 25, 30, or 35 – The numbers refer to noise level reduction (NLR) levels. NLR (outdoor to indoor) is achieved through the incorporation of noise attenuation into the design and construction of a structure. Land use and related structures are generally compatible; however, measures to achieve NLR of 25, 30, or 35 must be incorporated into design and construction of structures. However, measures to achieve an overall noise reduction do not necessarily solve noise difficulties outside the structure and additional evaluation is warranted. Also, see notes indicated by superscripts where they appear with one of these numbers. DNL – Day-Night Average Sound Level. Ldn – Mathematical symbol for DNL. 1. General a. Although local conditions regarding the need for housing may require residential use in these zones, residential use is discouraged in DNL 65-69 and strongly discouraged in DNL 70-74. The absence of viable alternative development options should be determined and an evaluation should be conducted locally prior to local approvals indicating that a demonstrated community need for the \Y[X[\H[HY]Y][Y[\HX]Y[\Hۙ\ˈ^\[\Y[X[][Y[\ۜY\Y\KY^\[[\]XH[\\˂\HH[][]H]\Z[\]\H\\]\H[Y YX\\\XY]H]܈[܈و]X\ HXX[ H[ KMH[ [ M[H[ܜܘ]Y[Z[[\[HۜY\Y[[]YX[\ݘ[܈[Y[\[[و]X\ H[H[ܜܘ]Y[ KMKˈܛX[\X[[ۜX[ۈ[H^XYݚYH[و \HYX[ۈ\]Z\[Y[\Hٝ[]Y\ K L ܈ MHݙ\[\ۜX[ۈ[ܛX[H\[YHYX[X[[[][ۋ\ܘYY[[Z\[ۈ\][[[[ܜ[Y[YX\[ Y][ۘ[ۜY\][ۈ[H][[YZ[][\YۈXZ\H][܈X][ۜ˂ ܚ]\XH[[[Z[]H]܈\H؛[\ˈ]\Z[[][ۋ]H[[\Yۋ[\Hو\\[\Y\[[Z]Y]H]܈\H^\B\X[\HHܛ[][\\ˈYX\\\]YXH\H]H]H[H\Y\]\XX[[Y\[HYX\\\]ۛHX[\[܈X\˂Xܛ[0\ܝ0Yp KN8$ L