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Table 5.18.‐1 outlines the MTRs controlled by Seymour Johnson with their  floor elevations and corridor widths.  Table 5.18‐2 identifies the MTRs  controlled by other military installations with their floor elevations and  corridor widths. These MTRs are illustrated in Figures 3‐13 and 3‐14 in  Chapter 3.       Table 5.18-1 Military Training Routes Controlled by Seymour Johnson AFB in the DCR Study Area Floor Elevation (Feet Above Ground Level) MTR Corridor Width (Nautical Miles) Continuous 500 AGL (Segment D-E) 2000 MSL (Segment E-H) 8 NM (Segment D-E) 4 NM (Segment E-F) 6 NM (Segment F-H) VR-042 Segments A-C 10:00 AM-4:00 AM 500 AGL 6 NM (Segment A-B) 8 NM (Segment B-C) VR-043 Segments J-M Continuous 200 AGL 10 NM VR-073 Segments C-L Continuous 100 AGL (Segment C-F) 1000 AGL (Segment F-G) 100 AGL (Segment G-L) 10 NM (Segment C-G) 3.5 NM (Segment G-H) 10 NM (Segment H-L) VR-084 Segments E-I Continuous 100 AGL 10 NM VR-085 Continuous MTR Hours of Operation IR-012 Segments D-H 500 AGL (Segment A-G) 5000 AGL (Segment G-H) 500 AGL (Segment H-E1) Source: AP/1B: DOD Flight Information Publication: Area Planning‐Military Training Routes: North and South America, June 2015  Table 5.18-2 10 NM (Segment A-E) 6 NM (Segment E-H) Military Training Routes Controlled by DOD Other Than Seymour Johnson AFB MTR DOD Agency Hours of Operation Floor Elevation (Feet AGL/ MSL) MTR Corridor Width (Nautical Miles) VR-054 NAS Oceana 12:00 AM-8:00 PM 100 AGL 4 NM (Segment B) 8 NM (Segment C) IR-062 Segments A-C, K-M NAS Oceana Continuous 3000 MSL 8 NM VR-071 NAS Oceana 7:00 AM-9:00 PM 100 AGL 8 NM VR-1046 MCAS Cherry Point 6:00 AM-6:00 PM 500 AGL 2 NM Page 5.18‐4    Background Report