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Noise from Overflight in M Corridors Low‐level flight along Milita generates noise that can aff uses under areas of overflig
Compatibility Assessment There are several military training routes ( MTRs Study Area . Six MTRs within the DCR Study Are Seymour Johnson AFB and seven are under the the Armed Forces including Andrews AFB , Navy be noted that MTRs under the control of Seymo Active Duty , Reserve , and Guard units in the US and US Marine Corps . Locally , these units are fr Shaw AFB , Langley AFB , NAS Oceana , Naval Stat Camp Lejeune , Moody AFB , Andrews AFB , Warn Beaufort , MCAS New River , NAS Patuxent River with long range bombers and command and co launch and recover at their home station and in AFB , Offutt AFB , and Tinker AFB .
The MTRs have floor elevations – the lowest alt aircraft are authorized to fly and corridor width horizontally within . These floors are authorized corridor widths , in part , determine the geograp noise – a wider corridor will reduce geographic more lateral maneuverability , whereas a narrow exposure within that MTR since aircraft have lim
Figure 5.18-1 . Sound Levels Comparison in dB
Background Report
ISSUE  NOI‐1  Noise from Overflight in Military Training Route  Corridors  Low‐level flight along Military Training Route corridors  generates noise that can affect noise sensitive land  uses under areas of overflight.   Compatibility Assessment There are several military training routes (MTRs) that traverse the JLUS  Study Area.  Six MTRs within the DCR Study Area are under the control of  Seymour Johnson AFB and s ][\p[\p۝0ٰ\[\ٰp\YY0ܘ\[Y[[]Q0]p[0X\[pܜ˰0]0[0pY0]0U[\p۝0ٰ^[[\۰Q\p\Y0pX]p]K0\\K0[0X\0[][pTZ\ܘK0T\^K0T]K0[0TX\[pܜ˰0[K0\p[]\ppPT\p[ 0]Q0[^pQ0TX[K0][0][۰ܙ0PT[\0Z][K0[pQ0[]Q0\\ؘ[Q0PTX]Yܝ 0PT]]\0T]^[0]\0[0ܝ0Y˰0Yp[]]0ۙ[pX\[0[X[0[0۝0Z\ܘY0\pXp][0[0Xݙ\]0Z\Yp][۰[0[Yp\[pQ0Z[0Q0ٙ]0Q0[0[\Q00pU]pܰ[]][ۜ8$p\0[]Yp]0X0Z[]\pZ\ܘY0\p]]ܚ^Y0p[0ܜYܰY\pZ\ܘY0[ܚ^۝[p][0\pܜ\p]]ܚ^Y0\\ L 0 Q 0UܜYܰY0[\ 0]\Z[pp[ܘ\X^\pZ\ܘY00\p8$pY\ܜYܰ[0YXp[ܘ\X^\p[pZ\ܘY0]p[ܙp]\[0X[]]\X[]K0\X\p\ܜYܰ[0[ܙX\p^\p][]0U[pZ\ܘY0]p[Z]Y0]\[0X[]]\X[]K00Y\H KN LK[][\\\ۈ[Xܛ[0\ܝ0Yp KN8$