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Dare County Zoning Code : Chapter 155 , Section 22-29.3 Wind Energy Systems On a local regulatory level , Dare County has established regulations for wind energy systems in Section 22‐29.3 . These regulations were adopted in 2011 prior to the enactment of the state legislation previously discussed . The wind energy systems regulations for Dare County are focused on wind energy development that is related to collegiate work and research . Wind energy development outside of the university research forum is not regulated by this ordinance . The County ’ s ordinance is quite thorough requiring various components studied in an environmental assessment ( EA ). The components assessed during the environmental review are noise , shadow flicker , vibrations , and impacts on viewsheds , wetlands , and various other resources including community activities . While the EA required for this university research wind energy development , the ordinance does not stipulate formal coordination with the military . The ordinance indicates appropriate coordination with agencies including federal and state agencies is a requirement , it does not specifically reference the military installation located in the county . As such this ordinance is not consistent with the state legislation that was adopted in 2013 , which requires formal coordination with the military and to allow comment and feedback from the military regarding potential impacts to the military mission .
• There are several missed opportunities for clarity and insight in the 2013 House Bill 484 that could be enhanced for military compatibility .
• There are comprehensive requirements for notification of all stakeholders including the military during the pre‐application site evaluation meeting process , but the military and DOD Siting Clearinghouse is not given the same opportunity in the actual permitting part of the process of wind energy development projects .
• Off‐shore wind energy development is not fully regulated in this law .
• Dare County wind energy systems ordinan energy developments that are not associa purposes of collegiate research .
• Dare County does not require coordinatio wind energy systems development .
State Engagement on Fundi Need for enhanced engageme stakeholders to preserve part cooperation , and secure fund land for conservation buffers Johnson AFB .
Compatibility Assessment
House Bill 1264 of the 2003 North Carolina Gene the funding mechanism to establish conservatio strategic military assets from the use of an issua indebtedness to establish or finance parks proje finance the acquisition either by conservation ea purchase of up to 17,000 acres near North Carol the purposes of preventing encroachment cause development . While this funding vehicle is a goo compatibility planning and protecting the militar public , it is limited to a certain amount of acreag incurred . The law stipulates that prior to the Jul the purposes of acquiring land near military inst amount of $ 12 million with a maximum amount
Background Report
Dare County Zoning Code: Chapter 155, Section 22-29.3 Wind Energy Systems On a local regulatory level, Dare County has established regulations for wind  energy systems in Section 22‐29.3.  These regulations were adopted in 2011  prior to the enactment of the state legislation previously discussed.  The wind  energy systems  Y[][ۜܰ\p[p\p\Y0۰[0[\p][Y[0]0\[]Y0YX]pܚ[0\X\ 0[0[\p][Y[0]Ypٰp[]\]p\X\0ܝ[p\0Y[]Y0p\ܙ[[K0p[x&\ܙ[[p\]Z]pܛY0\]Z\[\[\\ۙ[YYY0[[[\ۛY[[0\\Y[0 PJK0p\ۙ[\\Y0\[p[\ۛY[[0]Y]\p\K0YX\0X][ۜ0[0[\X۰Y]Y0][0[0\[\\\\\[Y[[][]pX]]Y\˰0[ppPp\]Z\Y0ܰ\[]\]p\X\0[0[\p][Y[ 0pܙ[[p\0\[]pܛX[0ܙ[][۰]0pZ[]\K0pܙ[[p[X]\\X]pܙ[][۰]0Y[Y\[Y[Y\[0[0]pY[Y\\p\]Z\[Y[ 0]0\0XYX[pY\[ppZ[]\p[[][۰]Y0[p[K0\X0\ܙ[[p\0ۜ\[0]0p]pY\][۰]0\YY0[ L0X0\]Z\\ܛX[0ܙ[][۰]0pZ[]\p[0[[Y[0[0YYXppZ[]\pY\[[X[0[\XpZ[]\pZ\[ۋ\p\p]\[0Z\Y0ܝ[]Y\ܰ\]p[0[Y0[p L\p[0  0]0[0p[[Y0ܰZ[]\p\]X[]Kk\p\p\Z[]p\]Z\[Y[ܰYX][۰ٰ[0ZZ\[Y[pZ[]\p\[px$\X][۰]p][X][۰YY][\0]0pZ[]\p[00][X\[\p\0][p[Ypܝ[]p[pXX[0\Z][\0ٰp\ٰ[0[\p][Y[0ڙX˰kٙ$ܙp[0[\p][Y[0\0[pY[]Y0[\]˰Xܛ[0\ܝ0\p[p[0[\p\[\ܙ[[p\0Y[]p[0[\p][Y[]0\p0\X]Y0]0p[]\]pܰp\\ٰYX]p\X\ k\p[p\0\]Z\pܙ[][۰]0pZ[]\pܰ][0[\p\[\][Y[ TQpQ$ ]p[Y[Y[0۰[[\\[YY0ܰ[[Y0[Y[Y[0]0ۙܙ\[ۘ[0ZZ\\\p\\\0[p\][ۋ0[0X\p[[ܰpX]Z\][۰ٰ[0ܰۜ\][۰Y\\[[^[[\۰Q00\]X[]H\\Y[\p[0 L0ٰp ܝ0\[p[\[0\[Xp\[۰ܙX]Y0p[[YX[\p\X\0ۜ\][۰Y\[X[۰ٰ]YXZ[]\p\]pp\pٰ[\X[pܰ[\[pٰXX[0[XY\\X\0ܰ[[p\ڙX˰0\[XY\[[[ppX]Z\][۰Z]\pۜ\][۰X\[Y[ܰYp[\p\\pٰ\0 M 0Xܙ\X\ܝ0\[pZ[]\p[[][ۜܰp\\ٰ][[[ܛXY[0]\Y0p[\]Xp][Y[ 0[p\[[ZXp\p0\0[Z[]\p\]X[]p[[[0X[pZ[]\p[0pݙ\[0[\[0XX0]0\[Z]Y0p\Z[[[[0ٰXܙXYp[0[[[0]0[p[\Y 0p]\[]\]0[ܰp[p K0 K0[XY\ܰp\\ٰX]Z\[[0X\Z[]\p[[][ۜ[00^YY0[[[[0ٰ LZ[[۰]0pX^[][p[[[00^YY0 0Z[[ۋ[[»k;k0Yp KMx$