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document “ Unified Facility Criteria 3‐260‐01 , Airfield and Heliport Planning and Design " or the applicable height limitations of the Goldsboro‐Wayne Municipal Airport Layout Plan Report on file at the City of Goldsboro Planning and Community Development Department .
This regulation is a good start to ensure protection of navigable airspace around Seymour Johnson AFB , but it does not adequately convey the information to users of the zoning ordinance who may be interested in developing land in the City and its ETJ .
Wayne County Zoning Ordinance Section 50.8 of the Wayne County Zoning Ordinance is titled “ Airport Height Overlay .” The Overlay was established to regulate land uses so as not to interfere with navigation , radio communication , or otherwise create a hazard to aircraft operations . It is divided into several sub‐areas , each of which is one of the imaginary surfaces associated with Seymour Johnson AFB . A description of each surface is provided , as well as the heights of each surface . These descriptions could be applied to the Goldsboro Zoning Ordinance for better guidance on the imaginary surfaces .
• The City of Goldsboro Zoning Ordinance includes height regulations for land around Seymour Johnson but does not expressly convey what the height limits are .
• People viewing the zoning ordinances who may have questions about the heights of proposed development do not have the information readily available .
• The Wayne County Zoning Ordinance has an Airport Height Overlay that describes the dimensions of each of the imaginary surfaces .
Height Restrictions Impact E Opportunities Economic development oppor ecotourism and wind energy d overflight are challenged due impacts from low‐level militar
Compatibility Assessment
As previously discussed in the Energy Developme between Seymour Johnson AFB and DCR are an energy development and other synergistic busin these types of developments can be lucrative fo including investors , developers , local governmen visitors , these types of developments if uncoord mitigated can potentially affect and be affected training activities in this area .
As discussed and illustrated in the Military Profil Background Report , the Study Area land uses are military aviation training operations just due to t that the military uses . Figures 5.8‐1 through 5.8 Energy Development , illustrate the expansive fo military aviation training activities and the poten development in these areas . While a majority o military airspace is ideal for wind energy develop are untouched by the military . These areas coul economic opportunity .
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document “Unified Facility Criteria 3‐260‐01, Airfield and  Heliport Planning and Design" or the applicable height  limitations of the Goldsboro‐Wayne Municipal Airport  Layout Plan Report on file at the City of Goldsboro Planning  and Community Development Department.  ISSUE  LU‐4  Economic development opportunities including  ecotourism and wind energy development in areas of  overflight are challenged due to noise and vibration  impacts from low‐level military flight.    This regulation is a good start to ensure protection of navigable airspace  around Seymour Johnson AFB, but it does not adequately convey the  information to users of the zoning ordinance who may be interested in  developing land in the City and its ETJ.    Compatibility Assessment As previously discussed in the Energy Development Section, the area  between Seymour Johnson AFB and DCR are an ideal location for wind  energy development and other synergistic business development.  While  these types of developments can be lucrative for the stakeholders involved  including investors, developers, local governments and its residents and  visitors, these types of developments if uncoordinated and impacts not  mitigated can potentially affect and be affected by the ongoing military  training activities in this area.  Wayne County Zoning Ordinance Section 50.8 of the Wayne County Zoning Ordinance is titled “Airport Height  Overlay.”  The Overlay was established to regulate land uses so as not to  interfere with navigation, radio communication,  ܰ\\pܙX]pp^\0Z\ܘY0\][ۜ˰0]0\]YY0[]\[0X$\X\0XX0ٰX0\ۙpٰp[XY[\p\X\\X]Y0]0^[[\۰Q0p\ܚ\[۰ٰXX0\Xp\ݚYY 0\[0\pZYٰXX0\XK0\p\ܚ\[ۜ[0p\YY0p؛ܛۚ[ܙ[[pܰ]\ZY[p۰p[XY[\p\X\˰\\\Y0[0[\]Y0[pZ[]\pٚ[p\\ ٰ\Xܛ[0\ܝ 0pYp\Xp[0\\\pYۚYX[p[Y[Y0pZ[]\p]X][۰Z[[\][ۜ\0YppY\[[[0ٰZ\Xp]0pZ[]\p\\˰0Y\\ K8$ pY0 K8$ 0[\\ K0X[۰ K0[\p][Y[ 0[\]pp^[]p[0\Y0[0YXY0pZ[]\p]X][۰Z[[X]]Y\[0p[X[0ܰ[0[\p][Y[0[\p\X\˰0[ppXZܚ]pٰp[0]0\[\pZ[]\pZ\Xp\YX[0ܰ[0[\p][Y[ 0\p\p\X\]0\p[XY0ppZ[]\K0\p\X\[0[X[pX[]]pXۛZXܝ[]K00[[»kp]pٰ؛ܛۚ[ܙ[[p[Y\ZY0Y[][ۜܰ[0\[0^[[\۰]0\0^\p۝^p]0pZY0[Z]\Kk[pY][pۚ[ܙ[[\X^p]p]Y\[ۜX]0pZYٰY0][Y[00]pp[ܛX][۰XY[p]Z[XKkp^[p[pۚ[ܙ[[p\[Z\ܝ0ZY0ݙ\^p]0\ܚX\p[Y[[ٰۜXX0ٰp[XY[\p\X\˰ZY0\X[ۜ[\X0XۛZX][Y[0ܝ[]Y\0Yp KM8$ LXܛ[0\ܝ00