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• The City of Goldsboro overlay allows existing non‐residential nonconforming uses to continue if damaged or destroyed provided they comply with only the population density provisions .
• The Wayne County Zoning Ordinance has an overlay for safety zones but it does not include the full description of uses that are recommended within the AICUZ .
• The Wayne County Zoning Ordinance does not include conditions associated with certain uses in the APZ and II and does not included recommended FARs for non‐residential land uses .
Compatibility Assessment
City of Goldsboro
Need for Enhanced Transparency on Future Land Use and Zoning Maps The City of Goldsboro future land use and zoning maps do not denote the Seymour Johnson AFB airfield safety zones or imaginary surfaces per the 2011 AICUZ Study . The Wayne County future land use and zoning maps do not denote the Seymour Johnson AFB airfield safety zones and noise zones .
Envision 35 Urbanized Area Comprehensive Plan The Goldsboro Comprehensive Plan addresses future land use compatibility with Seymour Johnson AFB . The Future Land Use section of the Comprehensive Plan contains the Core Future Land Use Areas map and Future Land Use Map which show general land use categories within the
Urbanized Area . The Core map includes a depict Overlay District for Seymour Johnson AFB but no overlays . These overlays are also not depicted on
Zoning Ordinance As described in Issue LU‐1 , the Goldsboro Zoning Accident Potential Zone Overlay District to prote Johnson AFB from incompatible development . T text of the zoning ordinance as matching the Sey Study , but no locations or dimensions of the zon ordinance . Additionally , they are referenced as Official Zoning Map , but the map is not included the zoning ordinance , nor is it included on the C developers , etc . wishing to see if land is within th City ’ s Planning Department office during busines Zoning Map . The Zoning Ordinance also contains Seymour Johnson AFB and Goldsboro‐Wayne M Regulations and Limitations which stipulates tha the applicable height limitations established by t AICUZ Study . However , these heights are only in the text and not depicted on the official zoning m
Wayne County
Comprehensive Plan The Wayne County area proximate to Seymour J the Envision 35 Urbanized Area Comprehensive land use compatibility with Seymour Johnson AF section of the Plan contains the Core Future Lan Land Use Map which show general land use cate Area . The Core map includes a depiction of the for Seymour Johnson AFB but not the safety zon the Seymour Johnson AICUZ Study . These areas Future Land Use Map .
Background Report
 The City of Goldsboro overlay allows existing non‐residential  nonconforming uses to continue if damaged or destroyed provided  they comply with only the population density provisions.    Urbanized Area.  The Core map includes a depiction of the Airport Noise  Overlay District for Seymour Johnson AFB but not the safety or height  overlays. These overlays are also not depicted on the Future Land Use Map.       The Wayne County Zoning Ordinance has an overlay for safety zones  but it does not include the full description of uses that are  recommended within the AICUZ.   The Wayne County Zoning Ordinance does not include conditions  associated with certain uses in the APZ and II and does not included  recommended FARs for non‐residential land uses.  Zoning Ordinance  As described in Issue LU‐1, the Goldsboro Zoning Ordinance includes an  Accident Potential Zone Overlay District to protect land around Seymour  Johnson AFB from incompatible development.  The overlay is described in the  text of the zoning ordinance as matching the Seymour Johnson AFB AICUZ  Study, but no locations or dimensions of the zones are provided in the  ordinance.  Additionally, they are referenced as being shown on the City’s  Official Zoning Map, but the map is not included in the electronic version of  the zoning ordinance, nor is it [YY0۰p]x&\X]K0[0ۙ\0][\0]˰\[YpY[0\][pݙ\^\]\0p]x&\[[\\Y[0ٙXp\[\[\\Y]pٙXX[0ۚ[X\ pۚ[ܙ[[p[۝Z[X[۰ KXX[0^[[\۰Q[0؛ܛ$^[p][X\[0Z\ܝ0ZY0Y[][ۜ[0[Z]][ۜX0\[]\]0X\p[0^YY0p\XXpZY0[Z]][ۜ\X\Y0pp^[[\۰QRPVYK0]\0\pZY\pۛp[ܜܘ]Y0pY\[p[p^0[00\XY0۰pٙXX[0ۚ[X\ 00TQpx$ YY0ܰ[[Y0[\[p۰]\p[0\p[0ۚ[X\0p]pٰ؛ܛ]\p[0\p[0ۚ[X\0[pp^[[\۰QZ\Y[0Y]pۙ\ܰ[XY[\p\X\\p LpRPVYKp^[p[p]\p[0\p[0ۚ[X\0[pp^[[\۰QZ\Y[0Y]pۙ\[0\pۙ\˰^[H[B\Z[]p[p^[p[p\Xp[X]p^[[\۰Q\Y\Y0[p[\[۰ p\[^Y0\Xp\Z[]p[X0Y\\]\p[0\p\]X[]p]0^[[\۰Qp]\p[0\pX[۰ٰp[۝Z[pܙp]\p[0\p\X\X\0[0]\p[0\pX\0X0[\[0[0\p]YܚY\][p\[^Y0\XK0pܙpX\0[Y\p\X[۰ٰpZ\ܝ0\pݙ\^p\X0ܰ^[[\۰Q]00pY]pۙ\ܰZY0\X[ۜ\p^[[\۰RPVYK\p\X\[0\XY0۰p]\p[0\pX\ \]X[]H\\Y[]Hو؛ܛ‘[\[۰ p\[^Y0\Xp\Z[]p[p؛ܛ\Z[]p[Y\\]\p[0\p\]X[]p]0^[[\۰Q0p]\p[0\pX[۰ٰp\Z[]p[۝Z[pܙp]\p[0\p\X\X\0[0]\p[0\pX\0X0[\[0[0\p]YܚY\][pXܛ[0\ܝ00Yp KM8$p