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City of Goldsboro
Comprehensive Plan The City of Goldsboro has adopted the Envision 35 Urbanized Comprehensive Plan which covers the city , its extraterritorial jurisdiction and urban unincorporated areas of Wayne County . The Comprehensive Plan references the safety zones from the AICUZ , but it does not specifically identify the locations , dimensions , or recommendations for these areas , nor are they mapped on the Future Land Use Map ( discussed in Issue LU‐2 ). The Plan does reference the zoning ordinance for descriptions of the Accident Potential Zone Overlay District .
Zoning Ordinance Goldsboro ’ s Zoning Ordinance includes an Accident Potential Zone Overlay District to protect land within the airfield safety zones . The Overlay describes general land use types that are allowed and not allowed within the Clear Zone and APZs , but does not describe specific types of land use as detailed in the AICUZ . The Overlay complies with the compatibility recommendation for residential uses within the CZ and APZ I , but in APZ II only complies with the density requirement and not the residential use restriction to single‐family detached dwellings . For non‐residential development , the Overlay defers to the permitted uses in the Airport Business ( AB ) Zoning District . The Overlay does not distinguish between uses recommended within APZ I and II , e . g . per the AB Zoning District and Overlay , banks , retail trade , gas stations and government offices are permitted in both APZ I and II but the AICUZ and Air Force guidance does not recommend them in APZ I . Existing non‐residential nonconforming uses are allowed to continue if damaged or destroyed provided they comply with only the population density provisions . The Overlay allows agricultural uses in the CZ without conditions , though there are restrictions on this use in the CZ per the AICUZ Study and AFI 32‐7063 .
The Zoning Ordinance references the AICUZ for the location of the Overlay district but does not describe the dimensions or locations of the overlay in the text . Additionally , the overlay prescribes average and maximum density of persons but not the recommended FARs for n described in the AICUZ and Air Force and indicat
Wayne County
Comprehensive Plan Wayne County has both a standalone Comprehe included in the Envision 35 Urbanized Comprehe proximity to the City of Goldsboro . The standalo Comprehensive Plan does not provide specific in surrounding Seymour Johnson AFB since this are Urbanized Area covered in the Envision 35 Urba As discussed above , this Comprehensive Plan ref from the AICUZ , but it does not specifically ident or recommendations for these areas , nor are the Land Use Map .
Zoning Ordinance The Wayne County Zoning Ordinance includes an protect land in Seymour Johnson AFB ’ s safety zo development . The regulations in the Overlay are but do not call out the reference specifically . W Overlay are fairly detailed , they do not include a from the AICUZ compatible use table . Additiona Ordinance does not include conditions associate APZ and II and does not included recommended uses .
Existing Tools
Air Force Instruction 32-7063 Air Installat Zones Program Air Force Instruction 32‐7063 was most recently establishes requirements for the Air Installations
Background Report
City of Goldsboro of persons but not the recommended FARs for non‐residential uses as  described in the AICUZ and Air Force and indicated in Table 5.14‐1.  Comprehensive Plan  The City of Goldsboro has adopted the Envision 35 Urbanized Comprehensive  Plan which covers the city, its extraterritorial jurisdiction and urban  unincorporated areas of Wayne County.  The Comprehensive Plan references  the safety zones from the AICUZ, but it does not specifically identify the  locations, dimensions, or recommendations for these areas, nor are they  mapped on the Future Land Use Map (discussed in Issue LU‐2).  The Plan  does reference the zoning ordinance for descriptions of the Accident  Potential Zone Overlay District.  Wayne County Comprehensive Plan  Wayne County has both a standalone Comprehensive Plan and is also  included in the Envision 35 Urbanized Comprehensive Plan for areas in  proximity to the City of Goldsboro.  The standalone Wayne County  Comprehensive Plan does not provide specific information regarding land use  surrounding Seymour Johnson AFB since this area is part of the Goldsboro  Urbanized Area covered in the Envision 35 Urbanized Comprehensive Plan.   As discussed above, this Comprehensive Plan references the safety zones  from the AICUZ, but it does not specifically identify the locations, dimensions,  or recommendations for these areas, nor are they mapped on the Future  Land Use Map.  Zoning Ordinance  Goldsboro’s Zoning Ordinance includes an Accident Potential Zone Overlay  District to protect land within the airfield safety zones.  The Overlay describes  general land use types that are allowed and not allowed within the Clear  Zone and APZs, but does not describe specific types of land use as detailed in  the AICUZ.  The Overlay complies with the compatibility recommendation for  residential uses within the CZ and APZ I, but in APZ II only complies with the  density requirement and not the residential use restriction to single‐family  detached dwellings.  For non‐residential development, the Overlay defers to  the permitted uses in the Airport Business (AB) Zoning District.  The Overlay  does not distinguish between uses recommended within APZ I and II, e.g. per  the AB Zoning District and Overlay, banks, retail trade, gas stations and  government offices are permitted in both APZ I and II but the AICUZ and Air  Force guidance does not recommend them in APZ I.  Existing non‐residential  nonconforming uses are allowed to continue if damaged or destroyed  provided they comply with only the population density provisions.  The  Overlay allows agricultural uses in the CZ without conditions, though there  are restrictions on this use in the CZ per the AICUZ Study and AFI 32‐7063.     Zoning Ordinance  The Wayne County Zoning Ordinance includes an Airport Overlay District to  protect land in Seymour Johnson AFB’s safety zones from incompatible  development.  The regulations in the Overlay are based on AICUZ guidance,  but do not call out the reference specifically.  While the allowable uses in the  Overlay are fairly detailed, they do not include all of the recommendations  from the AICUZ compatible use table.  Additionally, the County’s Zoning  Ordinance does not include conditions associated with certain uses in the  APZ and II and does not included recommended FARs for non‐residential land  uses.  Existing Tools Air Force Instruction 32-7063 Air Installations Compatible Use Zones Program Air Force Instruction 32‐7063 was most recently updated in July 2015 and  establishes requirements for the Air Installations Compatible Use Zones  The Zoning Ordinance references the AICUZ for the location of the Overlay  district but does not describe the dimensions or locations of the overlay in  the text.  Additionally, the o \^p\ܚX\]\Yp[0X^[][p[]pXܛ[0\ܝ00Yp KM8$