JLUS Background Report - Page 225

Land Use SLUC M No. Name Accident Potential Zone Clear Zone APZ I APZ II 70 Cultural, entertainment, and recreational services 74 Recreational activities (including golf courses, riding stables, water recreation) N Y 13 76 Parks N Y 79 Other cultural, entertainment and recreation N Y 80 Resources production and extraction 82 Agricultural related activities 83 Forestry activities and related services16 Background Report  N N Land Use Y 13 Maximum FAR of 0.11 in APZ I; 0.22 in APZ II 13 Y 13 Maximum FAR of 0 LH[TN [TRBLHH LHX^[][HTق LH[TN [TRBH MBBH MBBP“H˂[]BX^[][HTق [TN M[TRK˜X]]HXX\[K\K܈[\™^]\“[YBXY[[X[ۙBX\ۙBM“THTRH[]BHHX^[][HTق [TN M[TRK˜X]]HXX\[K\K܈[\™^]\Ž \[X]]Y\˜[[]Y\X\M HZ[[X]]Y\˜[[]Y\X\NH NH NX^[][HTق [TN M[TRK˜X]]HXX\[K\K܈[\™^]\ŽH\\\\œX[ۈ[^X[ۈHHX^[][HTق [TN M[TRK˜X]]HXX\[K\K܈[\™^]\“Y[0Ppp[\0[0\p[X[X[ 0TTK\ΰKp8'Y\'pܰp8''p\Yۘ][۰ܰ\]Xp[0\p\p\Y0ۛpܰ[\[0\\\ۋ][XX 0\\^\0\p\\][X][۰X^ppYYY0[XX0]Yܞp\]\]0\X\p\]XK0ܛX[p\]XK0ܰ0\]XpYpp\X][۰ٰ[]Y\ٰ[p[0X\\˰[ܙ\\\0Z\[[][ۜ[0[0ݙ\Y[0[\[0Y\[ۜ\T\pݚYY0\pZYp[]p[Yp]YܚY\˰[[\[ 0[0\p\X[ۜ]0[Z]0\[0[Y[[\YY\0ٰ[Y\X[ 0\XK0ܰ[\X[0Z[[ܰX\\ p[Xܙp[Tp[0 L0[Xܙp[TRp\pۜY\Y0p[]K]Yp][[0ܛX[pp[Z]Y0\[XY\ٰ0[ܙp[ p[p[Xܙp[TK0[0X^[][p\[XY\ٰ L0[p[Xܙp[TRKX[Y[Y0T\p[[]Y0\[[\0\[[\][۰]\ܰ\[\[0\\0ZXp\[p]\0[0X^[][HTق [TN M[TRK˜X]]HXX\[K\K܈[\™^]\°0Yp KM8$ p