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The private agricultural aircraft operator may no property unless the operator is the owner or les ownership or other legal interest in the crops loc addition , the operator may not conduct operatio for compensation or hire . A commercial agricult limited by these conditions :
• The private operator / applicant must hold airline transport pilot certificate with appr
• The commercial operator / applicant must a pilot having a current commercial or airl with appropriate ratings .
Example of an unmanned aerial system outfitted for agricultural aerial applications .
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FAA Part 137 Operations The FAA Part 137 regulations govern agriculture aircraft in the United States and encompass the dispensing of any chemical designed to treat the soil or crops . Special certification rules for these pilots include knowledge and skill tests for the safe handling of poisons , agricultural chemicals , and basic medical knowledge of the symptoms of poisoning . There is also a special flight test and many of the rules of other aircraft operations are altered for Part 137 aircraft . These include a requirement for a safety harness , operating without positioning lights , and restrictions from operating over congested areas . Special record keeping must also be maintained .
• The applicant for either a private or comm operator certificate must provide at least airworthy aircraft equipped for agricultura
• The applicant for a commercial operator c services of a chief supervisor of agricultur should possess the appropriate knowledg
FAA Section 333 Exemption The FAA issues a Section 333 Exemption for com recreation and hobby of unmanned aerial system An exemption permits the use of UAS at or below National Airspace System resulting in a vertical s low flying military aircraft within sparsely settled
Conditions associated with a Section 333 exemp
• Halting or canceling activity if , at any time property on the ground or in the air is in je failure to comply with the terms or condit
Background Report
The private agricultural aircraft operator may not conduct operations over  property unless the operator is the owner or lessee of the property or has  ownership or other legal interest in the crops located on the property.  In  addition, the operator may not conduct operations over a congested area or  for compensation or hire.  A commercial agricultural aircraft operator is not  limited by these conditions:   The private operator/applicant must hold a private, commercial, or  airline transport pilot certificate with appropriate ratings.   The commercial operator/applicant must have available the services of  a pilot having a current commercial or airline transport pilot certificate  with appropriate ratings.   The applicant for either a private or commercial a ܚX[\[0Z\ܘY0\]ܰ\YX]p]\0ݚYp]0X\0ۙp\p\YX]Y0Z\ܝpZ\ܘY0\]Z\Y0ܰYܚX[\[0\][ۜ˰kp\X[0ܰp[Y\X[0\]ܰ\YX]p]\0]pp\X\ٰpYY\\\ٰܰYܚX[\[0\][ۜ˰0\\\\ܰ[0\p\X]pۛYp[0[˰^[\pٰ[[X[Y0Y\X[0\[p]]Y0ܰYܚX[\[0Y\X[0\X][ۜ˰\N˙Y][[˘K8$X ]]X]Y8$YܚX[\x$[$؛$ۙ\$Zx$]x$\$x$\][ۋ0^\[‘PH\ L\][ۜ•pPp\0 LY[][ۜݙ\YܚX[\pZ\ܘY0[p[]Y0]\[0[\\p\[[ٰ[p[ZX[0\YۙY0X]0p[0ܰܛ˰0XX[0\YX][۰[\ܰ\p[[YpۛYp[0[0\ܰpYp[[ٰ\ۜ0YܚX[\[0[ZX[0[0\XYYX[0ۛYpٰp[\\ٰ\ۚ[˰0\p\[pXX[0Y0\0[0X[pٰp[\ٰ\Z\ܘY0\][ۜ\p[\Y0ܰ\0 LZ\ܘY 0\p[Ypp\]Z\[Y[0ܰpY]p\\0\][]]0][ۚ[Y0[0\X[ۜp\][ݙ\ۙ\Y0\X\˰0XX[0Xܙ0Y\[]\0[pXZ[Z[Y Xܛ[0\ܝ0PHX[ۈ ^[\[ۂpPp\Y\pX[۰ ^[\[۰ܰ[Y\X[0\p\[XܙX][۰[0ؘpٰ[X[Y0Y\X[0\[\[Y[YܚX[\[0\K0[^[\[۰\Z]p\pٰPT]0ܰ[ 0 Q0][p][ۘ[0Z\Xp\[p\[[[p\X[0\\][۰ٰ L 0 p[pZ[Z[]\pZ\ܘY0][\[p]Y0\X\˰ۙ][ۜ\X]Y0]0pX[۰ ^[\[۰[YNk[[ܰ[[[X]]pY0]0[p[YK0pY]pٰ\ۜܰ\p۰pܛ[0ܰ[pZ\\[[\K0ܰY\p\pZ[\p\p]0p\\ܰۙ][ٰۜp^[\[ۋYp KL$ L