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Federal Aviation Administration Joint Order 7400.8V The Federal Aviation Administration Joint Order ( JO ) 7400.8V provides policies for use of regulated and non‐regulated special use airspace ( SUA ). Generally , SUAs are requested by a using agency and scheduled / authorized by the controlling agency . No individual may operate an aircraft during the time and within the altitudes for which the designated SUA is activated or scheduled without permission and authorization from either the controlling or using agency .
The following policies are employed through this JO to control and monitor airspace associated with multiple users :
• ( b ) Upon the request of the FAA , the using agency shall execute a letter establishing procedures for joint use of a restricted area by the using agency and the controlling agency , under which the using agency would notify the controlling agency whenever the controlling agency may grant permission for transit through the restricted area in accordance with the terms of the letter .
• ( c ) The using agency shall : o
( 1 ) Schedule activities within the restricted area ;
o ( 2 ) Authorize transit through , or flight within , the restricted area as feasible ; and o
( 3 ) Contain within the restricted area all activities conducted therein in accordance with the purpose for which it was designated .
In addition to these policies and to assist the FAA in monitoring of SUA utilization , each using agency must submit utilization reports to the FAA regional office having jurisdiction over the airspace . These reports are required to include all activities by each using ag period beginning October 01 through Septembe but are not limited to the following information :
• Name and number of Restricted Airspace
• Activities conducted in the RA ( and averag appropriate );
• Daily hours , days of the week , and numbe and ,
• Daily hours , days of the week , and numbe released back to controlling agency for pu
Air Force Instruction 13-201 Airspace Ma Air Force Instruction 13‐201 Airspace Manageme policy for aeronautical matters governing the eff use , and management of airspace required to su operations . Certain limitations or restrictions m participating aircraft .
The US Government holds exclusive sovereignty must regulate the use of all airspace to ensure a use . There are six classifications of airspace , des which includes Class A , Class B , Class C , Class D , C solely classifies and regulates Special Use Airspa based on the following factors :
• Complexity or density of aircraft moveme
• Nature of the operations conducted withi
• Level of safety required
• National and public interest
Background Report
Existing Tools Federal Aviation Administration Joint Order 7400.8V The Federal Aviation Administration Joint Order (JO) 7400.8V provides  policies for use of regulated and non‐regulated special use airspace (SUA).   Generally, SUAs are requested by a using agency and scheduled / authorized  by the controlling agency.  No individual may operate an aircraft during the  time and within the altitudes for which the designated SUA is activated or  scheduled without permission and authorization from either the controlling  or using agency.  The following policies are employed through this JO to control and monitor  airspace associated with multiple users:    (b) Upon the request of the FAA, the using agency shall  execute a letter establishing procedures for joint use of a  restricted area by the using agency and the controlling  agency, under which the using agency would notify the  controlling agency whenever the controlling agency may  grant permission for transit through the restricted area  in accordance with the terms of the letter.  (c) The using agency shall:  o (1) Schedule activities within the restricted  area;  o (2) Authorize transit through, or flight within,  the  \XY0\Xp\X\XN[0 p۝Z[][p\XY0\Xp[0X]]Y\ۙXY0\Z[[Xܙ[p]0p\pܰX0]0\\Yۘ]Y [Y][۰\pXY\[0\\0pPp[[ۚ]ܚ[ٰPp][^][ۋ0XX0\[Y[p]\0XZ]0][^][۰\ܝpPpY[ۘ[0ٙXp][\\X[۰ݙ\pZ\XK0\p\ܝ\pXܛ[0\ܝ0\]Z\Y0[Yp[0X]]Y\pXX0\[Y[pܰp[X[0\ܝ[\[0Y[[ؙ\ pY0\[X\ 0\p\ܝ[Yp]0\p0[Z]Y0p[[ܛX][ێk[Yp[0\ٰ\XY0Z\Xp JNkX]]Y\ۙXY0[pp [0]\YpZ[p\][ۜY\X]JNkZ[p\0^\ٰpYZ0[0\ٰYZpp\\Y[ 0kZ[p\0^\ٰpYZ0[0\ٰYZpp\[X\Y0X۝[Y[pܰXX\KZ\ܘH[X[ۈ LL HZ\XHX[Y[Y[Z\ܘp[X[۰ L$ pZ\XpX[Y[Y[0\X\\Z\ܘpXpܰY\ۘ]]X[0X]\ݙ\[pYXY[0[[0X]Z\][ۋ0\K0[0X[Y[Y[0ٰZ\Xp\]Z\Y0\ܝ0Z\ܘpY0\][ۜ˰0\Z[[Z]][ۜܰ\X[ۜX^ppXY0۰۸$\X\][Z\ܘY pTݙ\Y[0^\]pݙ\ZY۝pٰTZ\XK0[0pPp]\0Y[]pp\pٰ[0Z\Xp[\pZ\ܘY0Y]p[0YXY[0\K0\p\p^0\YX][ٰۜZ\XK0\Yۘ]Y0[pppPK0X0[Y\\K0\0\0\ 0\K0[0\˰0pPp[p\YY\[0Y[]\XX[0\pZ\Xp PJpY]0pT\Y0۰p[Xܜΰ0kkkk\^]pܰ[]pٰZ\ܘY0[ݙ[Y[]\pٰp\][ۜۙXY0][pZ\Xp][0ٰY]p\]Z\Y0][ۘ[0[0XX[\\0Yp KL$ Lp