JLUS Background Report sj_br_report_sm - Page 207

VR‐084 , Segments E‐I 1000 ft . AGL ; avoid airports by 3 NM or overfly 1500 ft . AGL . Over sparsely populated areas , aircraft may not be operated closer than 500 ft . to any person , vessel , vehicle or structure .
AVOID : Horse breeding ranch at N35‐1601 W77‐09.1 by 1 NM or 1000 ft . AVOID : noise sensitive area at N35‐16.1 W77‐09.1 by 1000 ft . AGL / 1 NM
AVOID : noise sensitive area at N35‐19.836 W77‐07.021 by 1500 ft . AGL / 2 NM
AVOID Noise Sensitive Area : N35‐12.8 W077‐11.3 by 1000 ft . AGL / 2 NM AVOID : Over‐fly coastal areas by 1000 ft . AGL AVOID : Town of Bath at N35‐28.5 W76‐48.6 by 1.5 NM AVOID : Town of Gumneck at N35‐43.4 W76‐09.2 by 1500 ft . or 1.5 NM
• Currently , the 4th FW manages and uses eight MTRs that traverse the JLUS Study Area . Seven additional MTRs traverse the JLUS Study Area which are controlled by Andrews AFB , the Navy and Marine Corps . Any increased use of these MTRs could worsen the existing impacts of overflight , generating more air traffic and noise .
Potential for Increased use Concern that increased use al missions at Dare County Rang additional impacts on areas of North Carolina .
Compatibility Assessment With the presence of many military , public , and northeast North Carolina region and light aircraf tourism industry , there is constant competition f flight paths . With the growth in population , the demand for commercial and private air travel an realignments , this competition is likely to intensi areas where potential growth in flight activity is AFB could acquire additional flight missions utiliz due to its available capacity , which could genera DCR and the surrounding MTRs and restricted ai Navy portion of the DCR could also be a receiver impacting the regional airspace .
More flights anticipated in and out of the region additional or changing missions requiring more a result in greater competition for airspace and fu patterns . These may require re‐routing of flight subsequent communication and noise issues and safety hazards and delays due to highly‐trafficke
Background Report
VR‐084, Segments E‐I  1000 ft. AGL; avoid airports by 3 NM or overfly 1500 ft. AGL. Over sparsely  populated areas, aircraft may not be operated closer than 500 ft. to any  person, vessel, vehicle or structure.  ISSUE  LAS‐2  AVOID: Horse breeding ranch at N35‐1601 W77‐09.1 by 1 NM or 1000 ft.  AVOID: \p[]]p\Xp]0x$ Mp$ Kpp L 0 Q0 ppUQ\p[]]p\Xp]0x$ NK Ͱ$ ˌ pp ML 0 Q0 pUQ0\p[]]p\XNx$ L0 $ LKp L 0 Q0 pUQݙ\$p\[0\X\p L 0 Q0UQ۰ٰ]0]0x$ p͸$  p KppUQ۰ٰ[[X]0x$ ˍ0͸$ Kp ML 0 ܰ Kpp[[»k\[K0p 0X[Y\[0\\ZY0U]0]\ppTYp\XK][Y][ۘ[0U]\ppTYp\XpX0\p۝Y0p[]Q0p]p[0X\[pܜ˰00[p[ܙX\Y0\pٰ\pU[0ܜ[p^\[[\Xٰݙ\Y 0[\][[ܙpZ\YX[0\K0Xܛ[0\ܝ0[X[0ܰ[ܙX\Y0\pٰ\p[p[pۘ\]0[ܙX\Y0\p[ۙ]0][[0]Z\[ۜ]0\p[p[p[0[XpY][ۘ[0[\X۰\X\ٰݙ\Y0[ܝX\0ܝ0\[K\]X[]H\\Y[]0p\[pٰX[pZ[]\K0XX0[0]]pZ\ܝ[pܝX\0ܝ0\[pY[۰[0Y0Z\ܘY0\X]Y0]0p\[0\\p[\K0\p\ۜ[0\]][۰ܰZ\Xp[0ݙ\\[Y0]˰0]0pܛ0[[][ۋ0p\X]Y0[ܙX\Y0[X[0ܰ[Y\X[0[0]]pZ\][0[0[X[0ܰZ[]\pX[YۛY[0\\]][۰\Z[p[[YK0\p\pp]Y0\X\\p[X[0ܛ0[Y0X]]p\XK0^[[\۰Q[0X]Z\pY][ۘ[0Y0Z\[ۜ][^[p԰[p]\pYp]]Z[Xp\X]K0X0[0[\]p[ܙpZ\YX\[0԰[0p\[[U[0\XY0Z\XK0Y][ۘ[K0p]pܝ[۰ٰp԰[0[ppXZ]\ܰY][ۘ[0Z\[ۜ[\X[pY[ۘ[0Z\XK00[ܙpY[X\]Y0[[0]0ٰpY[۰[0p[X[0ܰY][ۘ[0ܰ[[Z\[ۜ\]Z\[[ܙpZ\Xp\[[԰[0\[0[ܙX]\\]][۰ܰZ\Xp[0\\ݙ\\[ٰY0]\˰0\pX^p\]Z\px$][ٰY0]\0X0X^p]\pX\]Y[0[][X][۰[0\p\Y\[0p[X[0ܰ[ܙX\Y0Y]p^\[0[^\YpYx$YXY0Z\XKYp KL$