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Force Base and Wayne County . Continue to welcome representatives of the Air Force Base on County committees . Continue to support the Base Community Council in its efforts to work cooperatively with the City and County on such things as housing , emergency services , communication , transportation , education , and other joint concerns .
In addition to the above Policy and Action , Wayne County has growth strategies , including ; the Community Growth Areas , which identify areas of incorporated and unincorporated land that have flexibility to allow for a variety of densities , land use and housing types . This strategy is intended to help meet the housing , employment , and local commercial needs of area residents .
The Urban Transition Areas occupy large areas around the central and southcentral portions of the county , and are reserved as secondary planning areas for future development at densities of three or more units per acre , unless constrained by poor soils or flood potential .
Source : Wayne County Comprehensive Plan , 2009
City of Goldsboro Comprehensive Plan The City of Goldsboro ’ s Comprehensive Plan identifies the following implementation strategies in support of developing a variety of housing options for area residents :
• Implementation Strategy I . 28 . The City and County may permit residential development to occur in response to market needs provided that the following criteria are met :
� �
Due consideration is offered to all aspects of the environment
If deficient community facilities and services are identified , the City and County should attempt to improve such to the point of adequately meeting demands
Additional residential developme involve planning for improvemen services if excess capacity does no and services
Residential development is consis the land use map contained in th adequate suitability analysis
• Implementation Strategy I . 30 . The City of G area‐wide housing market analysis with em consideration of affordable workforce hou
Source : City of Goldsboro Comprehensive Plan , 2013
• Wayne County ’ s Comprehensive Plan doe the number of military families residing w the additional housing need created withi supporting a large contingent of military p
• The City of Goldsboro Comprehensive Pla the City meet community housing needs , quantify the additional housing needs of t off‐base within the city .
• The City ’ s Comprehensive Plan includes an performing a housing needs assessment , b coordination with Seymour Johnson AFB o military personnel living within the comm
Background Report
Force Base and Wayne County.  Continue to welcome representatives  of the Air Force Base on County committees. Continue to support the  Base Community Council in its efforts to work cooperatively with the  City and County on such things as housing, emergency services,  communication, transportation, education, and other joint concerns.  In addition to the above Policy and Action, Wayne County has growth  strategies, including; the Community Growth Areas, which identify areas of  incorporated and unincorporated land that have flexibility to allow for a  variety of densities, land use and housing types. This strategy is intended to  help meet the housing, employment, and local commercial needs of area  residents.     City of Goldsboro Comprehensive Plan The City of Goldsboro’s Comprehensive Plan identifies the following  implementation strategies in support of developing a variety of housing  options for area residents:  Implementation Strategy I.28. The City and County may permit  residential development to occur in response to market needs  provided that the following criteria are met:  Due consideration is offered to all aspects of the environment   If deficient community facilities and services are identified, the  City and County should attempt to improve such to the point  of adequately meeting demands  Background Report   Residential development is consistent with other policies and  the land use map contained in this plan which reflects  adequate suitability analysis  Implementation Strategy I.30. The City of Goldsboro may conduct an  area‐wide housing market analys \]0[\\\][pۜY\][۰ٰYܙXpܚٛܘp\[˰[[»k^[p[x&\\Z[]p[\0Xۚ^pܰ]X[Ypp\ٰZ[]\p[Z[Y\\Y[][p[K0ܰY[YppY][ۘ[0\[YY0ܙX]Y0][p[][]pp\ܝ[p\p۝[[0ٰZ[]\p\ۛ[ kp]pٰ؛ܛ\Z[]p[Y[YY\]YY\[0p]pYY]0[][]p\[YY0]0\0ۜY\ܰ]X[YppY][ۘ[0\[YYٰpZ[]\p[][]p][ٙ$\p][p]Kkp]x&\\Z[]p[[Y\[[\[Y[][۰[ܰ\ܛZ[p\[YY\\Y[ 0]0\0[Ypܙ[][۰]0^[[\۰Q۰p\[YYٰZ[]\p\ۛ[0][][p[][]K\N^[p[p\Z[]p[0 pY][ۘ[0\Y[X[0][Y[0[0ۘ\[p[p[[ܰ[\ݙ[Y[[][]pX[]Y\[0\X\Y^\\X]p\0^\0][pX[]Y\[0\X\\N]pٰ؛ܛ\Z[]p[0 Lp\[[][۰\X\\p\p\X\\[0p[[0[0]8$[[0ܝ[ٰۜp[K0[0\p\\Y0\Xۙ\p[[\X\ܰ]\p][Y[0]0[]Y\ٰYpܰ[ܙp[]\XܙK0[\ۜZ[Y0pܰ[ܰ0[X[ k°Yp KLx$