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documentation from DCR , Seymour Johnson AFB or the state for approval of future wind energy facilities .
Town of Manteo Zoning Ordinance Section 12‐8.1 establishes regulations for wind energy facilities in the Town of Manteo Zoning Ordinance . The application to construct a wind energy facility requires a certification of compliance with applicable local , state , and federal regulations . There is no required coordination regarding military compatibility with DCR or Seymour Johnson AFB .
• The Wind Energy Facility Ordinances for H Counties do not establish maximum allow of the airspace used for military training .
• The Tyrrell County Wind Energy Facilities O of wind energy facilities that if located wit southern portion of the county could pose training .
Town of Southern Shores Section 36‐176 of the Town of Southern Shores Zoning Ordinance establishes regulations for wind energy facilities . Wind turbine structures are limited to a maximum height of 45 feet . The ordinance does not require any coordination or documentation from DCR , Seymour Johnson AFB or the state for approval of future wind energy facilities .
• Dare , Hyde , Tyrrell and Washington counties and the towns of Duck , Kill Devil Hills , Kitty Hawk , Nags Head , Manteo , and Southern Shores are the only jurisdictions in the Study Area that regulate the establishment of wind energy facilities ; however , this regulation does not involve notification or coordination with Seymour Johnson AFB , DCR , or any other military installation .
• The Dare County zoning ordinance allows for a maximum height of 600 feet , which may be excessive to reap the benefits of wind energy generation for this area .
• Each of the jurisdictions ’ wind energy facilities ordinances were established and adopted prior to the 2013 state law , which means these regulations are not necessarily reflective of new military compatibility guidelines .
Background Report
documentation from DCR, Seymour Johnson AFB or the state for approval of  future wind energy facilities.    Town of Manteo Zoning Ordinance Section 12‐8.1 establishes regulations for wind energy facilities in the Town  of Manteo Zoning Ordinance.  The application to construct a wind energy  facility requires a certification of compliance with applicable local, state, and  federal regulations.  There is no required coordination regarding military  compatibility with DCR or Seymour Johnson AFB.  Town of Southern Shores Section 36‐176 of the Town of Southern Shores Zoning Ordinance establishes  regulations for wind energy facilities.  Wind turbine structures are limited to  a maximum height of 45 feet.  The ordinance does not require any  coordination or documentation from DCR, Seymour Johnson AFB or the state  for approval of future wind energy facilities.     The Wind Energy Facility Ordinances for Hyde and Washington  Counties do not establish maximum allowable heights in consideration  of the airspace used for military training.   The Tyrrell County Wind Energy Facilities Ordinance allows for heights  of wind energy facilities that if located within the western and  southern portion of the county could pose a threat to military aviation  training.            Findings  Dare, Hyde, Tyrrell and Washington counties and the towns of Duck,  Kill Devil Hills, Kitty Hawk, Nags Head, Manteo, and Southern Shores  are the only jurisdictions in the Study Area that regulate the  establishment of wind energy facilities; however, this regulation does  not involve notification or coordination with Seymour Johnson AFB,  DCR, or any other military installation.   The Dare County zoning ordinance allows for a maximum height of 600  feet, which may be excessive to reap the benefits of wind energy  generation for this area.   Each of the jurisdictions’ [0[\pX[]Y\ܙ[[\\p\X\Y0[0YY0[ܰp L]p]0X0YX[\pY[][ۜ\p0X\\[pYX]pٰ]Z[]\p\]X[]pZY[[\˰Xܛ[0\ܝ0Yp K8$p