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5.8 Energy Development ( ED )
Development of energy sources , including alternative energy sources ( such as solar , wind , geothermal , or biofuels ) could pose compatibility issues related to glare ( solar energy ), or vertical obstruction ( wind generation ), or water quality / quantity .
Potential Wind Farm Impac AFB and Dare County Range There is a need for a formal , c process and standard criteria development .
The moving blades of a wind turbine create a Doppler effect that can interfere with radio transmissions between air traffic controllers and aircraft and other types of communications , such as satellites . Recent studies indicate that large numbers of wind turbines located between five and eight miles from a radar system can have a negative impact on the system and interfere with readings . The impacts on radar are increased with the height , number , and clustering of turbines . The greatest impact is caused by their location proximate to the radar system . Although research is still being conducted , it is not fully known how tall , large , or how many wind turbines must be present to compromise radar operations . Relative to solar energy , solar facilities could cause substantial amounts of glare depending on their type , location , angle and direction , resulting in a temporary impairment of a pilot ’ s view , even at a very high altitude .
Key Terms Alternative Energy . The term alternative energy is applied broadly to energy derived from nontraditional sources ( e . g ., solar , hydroelectric , wind ).
Radio Frequency Clutter . Radio frequency clutter is produced by rotating turbine blades , which creates an undesired Doppler shift on the radar signal . This effect can be increased when the density of wind turbines is high .
Screening . Screening is the blocking out portions of the “ field of view ” so that aircraft control instrumentation and / or personnel cannot see aircraft that fly behind the “ screen .”
Compatibility Assessment Future commercial wind energy development pr Seymour Johnson AFB and DCR despite its clean presence of large , commercial wind farms prese operations such as communication radio freque or screening . The RF clutter sources , such as win potential to interfere with the accuracy of radar testing and electronic scoring .
There are two main impacts of large commercia screening and false readings of other aircraft in t other aircraft exist . This can potentially cause ha potentially create communication issues betwee control ultimately resulting in delays and lost ho
It should be noted that there are no commercial generation facilities located in the JLUS Study Ar Study Area including DCR , along the coastline , an Training Routes ( MTRs ) are located are ideal for Figures 5.8‐1 through 5.8‐3 illustrate the wind en North Carolina coastline including Dare County . wind energy potential off‐shore along the North Dare County , Albemarle Sound , and Outer Banks
Background Report
5.8 Energy Development (ED) ISSUE  ED‐1  Development of energy sources, including alternative energy sources (such as  solar, wind, geothermal, or biofuels) could pose compatibility issues related  to glare (solar energy), or vertical obstruction (wind generation), or water  quality / quantity.  Potential Wind Farm Impacts on Seymour Johnson  AFB and Dare County Range Training Operations  There is a need for a formal, coordinated site selection  process and standard criteria  ܰ[0[\p][Y[ 0p[ݚ[Y\ٰp[0\[pܙX]pp\YX0]0[[\\p]0Y[[Z\[ۜ]Y[Z\YX۝\[0Z\ܘY0[0\\\ٰ[][X][ۜ0X0\][]\˰0X[0YY\[X]p]0\p\ٰ[0\[\]Y0]Y[]p[0ZY0Z[\ppY\\[p[]ppY]]p[\X0۰p\[p[0[\\p]0XY[˰0p[\X۰Y\\p[ܙX\Y0]0pZY 0[X\0[0\\[ٰ\[\˰0pܙX]\0[\X0\]\Y0pZ\][۰[X]ppY\\[K0[Y0\X\0\[0Z[ۙXY 0]0\0[pۛ۰[ 0\K0ܰX[p[0\[\]\0p\[0\Z\pY\\][ۜ˰00[]]p\[\K0\X[]Y\[0]\pX[X[0[[[ٰ\p\[[۰Z\\K0][ۋ0[p[0\X[ۋ0\[[[p[\ܘ\p[\Z\Y[0ٰp[8&\Y]0][]0p\pY0[]YK\p\pXZ[[\Xٰ\p[Y\X[0 ][]p[0\\ΰܙY[[[0[pXY[ٰ\Z\ܘY0[p\Xp[[X[]p\Z\ܘY0^\ 0\[[X[p]\p^\\Z\ܘY0[Y[ܰ[X[pܙX]p[][X][۰\Y\]Y[p[0[0ܛ[0۝0[[X][p\[[[[^\[00\ٰZ[[˰^H\\[\]]p[\K0p\p[\]]p[\p\\YY0Yp[\p\]Y0p۝Y][ۘ[0\\ Kˋ0\0Y[XX0[ KY[\]Y[p]\0Y[\]Y[p]\\XY0p][\[pY\0X0ܙX]\[[\\Y0\Y0۰pY\Yۘ[ 0\YX0[p[ܙX\Y0[p[]pٰ[0\[\\Y ܙY[[˰ܙY[[\p[]0ܝ[ٰۜp8'Y[0ٰY]'p]0Z\ܘY0۝0[[Y[][۰[0 ܰ\ۛ[0[0YpZ\ܘY0]0pZ[0p8'ܙY['pXܛ[0\ܝ0\]X[]H\\Y[]\p[Y\X[0[0[\p][Y[0\[p[X[0X]0^[[\۰Q[0԰\]p]X[[\p[Y]˰0p\[pٰ\K0[Y\X[0[0\\\[0[[\]X][۰\][ۜX0\[][X][۰Y[\]Y[p p[\\[K0]\0ܰܙY[[˰0p]\\\0X0\[0\[\0]pp[X[0[\\p]0pX\XpٰY\Yۘ[\[X[0ܰ[p\[[0[XۚXܚ[˰00]0[0pY0]0\p\p[Y\X[8$[p[0\[\][۰X[]Y\]Y0[pTYp\XK00pܝ[ٰۜpYp\Xp[Y[ԋ0[ۙp\[K0[0ٙ$ܙp\pZ[]\pZ[[]\ Up\p]Y0\pYX[0ܰ[0[\p][Y[ 0Y\\ K8$ pY0 K8$ [\]pp[0[\p[X[0[ۙpܝ0\[p\[p[Y[\p[K0Y\p K8$ 0[\]\p[0[\p[X[0ٙ$ܙp[ۙpܝ0\[p\[p[Y[\p[K0[[X\p[ 0[0]\[\X\˰00Yp K8$ p