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aircraft operating floor and ceiling where military activity is authorized and the controlling agency information . This is the pilot ’ s resource for awareness of hazards , shared airspace , and potential conflicts with other military airspace .
AP / 1B : DOD Flight Information Publication : Area Planning- Military Training Routes : North and South America The AP / 1B DOD Flight Information Publication for Military Training Routes provides all the coordinates for location of the airspaces , hours of operation , aircraft operating floor and ceiling where military activity is authorized and the controlling agency information . This is the pilot ’ s resource for awareness of hazards , shared airspace , and potential conflicts with other military airspace .
Government Airspace Coordination Procedures The Fleet Area Control and Surveillance Facility , Virginia Capes ( FACSFAC VACAPES ), operating the call sign Giant Killer , is responsible for scheduling , controlling , and surveilling military operating areas , training routes , and bombing ranges for a large portion of the northeastern US . Giant Killer oversees more than 112,000 miles of offshore air , surface , and subsurface operating areas on the east coast and provides air traffic control for over 98,000 sorties per year . This includes ensuring surface and subsurface units are deconflicted from other operations in the airspace . Use of airspace ( over water / Warning Airspace ) by SJAFB aircraft is booked / reserved through the approved scheduling mechanism . SJAFB submits requests for airspace to FACSFAC VACAPES three weeks prior to the requested mission dates . FACSFAC VACAPES in‐turn approves the schedule approximately four to five days prior to the scheduled week of missions .
• The portion of Albemarle Sound between Perquimans , Tyrrell and Washington counties contains multiple military airspaces – Restricted Areas and MTRs controlled by different military agencies . There are various tools and procedures in place among the multiple airspace
managers to safely manage and coordinat only helps ensure safe aircraft operations risks to recreational boaters and fishers o
Lack of Information to Publi Because of competition for us recreational boaters and fishe be cleared where restricted ar areas , and military training rou when active training and oper throughout the Study Area .
Compatibility Assessment Similar to the COM‐9 issue discussion , the JLUS S network of various military airspaces which allow the ground / water surface . These areas compris and Military Operating Areas ( MOAs ) and includ Sound between Perquimans , Tyrrell and Washin off of Dare and Hyde counties between the Oute River including coastal areas of southern Hyde C of Beaufort County on the south side of the Rive
North Carolina is known for its abundant natural airspaces over the waters of North Carolina are n make the area ideal for boating and fishing . The natural resources including the water bodies and training can present challenges for the safety of particularly when these military airspaces are ac be cleared of human activity .
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aircraft operating floor and ceiling where military activity is authorized and  the controlling agency information.  This is the pilot’s resource for awareness  of hazards, shared airspace, and potential conflicts with other military  airspace.     managers to safely manage and coordinate shared airspace.  This not  only helps ensure safe aircraft operations, but also minimizes safety  risks to recreational boaters and fishers on the Sound.          AP/1B: DOD Flight Information Publication: Area Planning- Military Training Routes: North and South America The AP/1B DOD Flight Information Publication for Military Training Routes  provides all the coordinates for location of the airspaces, hours of operation,  aircraft operating floor and ceiling where military activity is authorized and  the controlling agency information.  This is the pilot’s resource for awareness  of hazards, shared airspace, and potential conflicts with other military  airspace.     Government Airspace Coordination Procedures The Fleet Area Control and Surveillance Facility, Virginia Capes (FACSFAC  VACAPES), operating the call sign Giant Killer, is responsible for scheduling,  controlling, and surveilling military operating areas, training routes, and  bombing ranges for a large portion of the northeastern US.  Giant Killer  oversees more than 112,000 miles of offshore air, surface, and subsurface  operating areas on the east coast and provides air traffic control for over  98,000 sorties per year.  This includes ensuring surface and subsurface units  are deconflicted from other operations in the airspace.  Use of airspace (over  water/Warning Airspace) by SJAFB aircraft is booked/reserved through the  approved scheduling mechanism.  SJAFB submits requests for airspace to  FACSFAC VACAPES three weeks prior to the requested mission dates.  FACSFAC VACAPES in‐turn approves the schedule approximately four to five  days prior to the scheduled week of missions.  Findings  The portion of Albemarle Sound between Perquimans, Tyrrell and  Washington counties contains multiple military airspaces – Restricted  Areas [0U۝Y0pY\[0Z[]\pY[Y\˰0\p\p\[\[0Y\\[Xp[[ۙp][\pZ\XpYp Kx$ MTQpx$ L0Xٰ[ܛX][۰XX۰]\[\X]\pٰ\]][۰ܰ\pٰp]\[[ۙXܙX][ۘ[0]\[0\\Y[0XpX\YY0pX\Y0\p\XY0\X\0Z[]\p\][\X\0[0Z[]\pZ[[]\Y[]0p\Xp[X]pZ[[[0\][ۜ\p\[Y]0pYp\XK\]X[]H\\Y[[Z[\px$p\Yp\\[ۋ0pTYp\Xpۜ\ٰp\0]ܚٰ\[\Z[]\pZ\X\X0[Z[]\pݙ\Y0\\pܛ[0 ]\\XK\p\X\\\pU0\XY0\X\0[0Z[]\p\][\X\ S\p[0[Ypܝ[ٰۜ[[X\p[0]Y[\]Z[X[0\[0[0\[۰[N[[X[0ٰٙ\p[0Yp[Y\]Y[p]\[[0p[[X]\[Y[\[0\X\ٰ]\Yp[p[0]X\\\0ٰX]Yܝ0[p۰p]0Ypٰp]\0000ܝ0\[p\ۛ۰ܰ]X[[0]\[0\\\˰0pZ[]\pZ\X\ݙ\p]\ٰܝ0\[p\pX\ܙ[[p\X\0X0XZpp\XpYX[0ܰ][[0\[˰0p[\Xp]Y[p]\[0\\\[Y[p]\Y\[0pZ[]\p]X][۰Z[[[\[0[[\ܰpY]pٰ[[0XܙX][ۘ[\\X[\p[\pZ[]\pZ\X\\pX]p[0p]\YY0pX\Y0ٰ[X[X]]KXܛ[0\ܝ0