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• Mutual aid agreements are common for emergency response for catastrophes and natural disasters , yet there are no established mutual aid agreements specifically between the DCR and the surrounding counties . communication and coordination can result in m managing problems that may arise or for capital to the military or community .
Existing Tools
Awareness of Communication Procedures for Contacting Seymour Johnson / Dare County Range Regarding Complaints and / or Concerns Local jurisdictions and the public do not know who to contact at Seymour Johnson AFB / Dare County Range regarding concerns , complaints or coordination .
Seymour Johnson AFB Webpage The Seymour Johnson AFB webpage has a “ Cont http :// www . seymourjohnson . af . mil / ContactUs . a phone numbers , including the Base Operator an a contact form . The Public Affairs office often ha concerns about issues or impacts associated wit DCR operations . Seymour Johnson AFB also mai media , details of which can be found in the Exist COM‐1 .
Compatibility Assessment There is no single point of contact designated for Seymour Johnson AFB and the DCR for the communities to contact about issues or impacts associated with Seymour Johnson AFB and the DCR operations . Current practice is community representatives communicate with Seymour Johnson AFB through informal means — interpersonal relationships , which can be impermanent and unreliable . This informal means of communication can result in inconsistent follow‐through , unresolved issues , and / or incomplete information and does not provide consistent opportunities to strengthen and build relationships .
Adding to the lack of designated points of contact , the military rotation of service members , especially senior leadership can present challenges in maintaining continuity when it comes to communication and coordination . The lack of formal communication and coordination procedures with these challenges can make communication and coordination between the Air Force and the communities unreliable , frustrating , and cumbersome . Informal
• The lack of formal communication and co between the military and communities ca coordination unreliable and ineffective in
Coordination with the Milita Although some counties curre Obstruction Evaluations for pr military is only notified if a pro minimum FAA criteria .
Compatibility Assessment The majority of airspace in the JLUS Study Area i military aviation training . Regardless of the type
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Findings  Mutual aid agreements are common for emergency response for  catastrophes and natural disasters, yet there are no established  mutual aid agreements specifically between the DCR and the  surrounding counties.    ISSUE  COM‐7  Awareness of Communication Procedures for  Contacting Seymour Johnson / Dare County Range  Regarding Complaints and / or Concerns  Local jurisdictions and the public do not know who to  contact at Seymour Johnson AFB / Dare County Range  regarding concerns, complaints or coordination.  communication and coordination can result in missed opportunities for  managing problems that may arise or for capitalizing on a positive attribute  to the military or community.    Existing Tools Seymour Johnson AFB Webpage The Seymour Johnson AFB webpage has a “Contact Us” tab at  http://www.seymourjohnson.af.mil/ContactUs.aspx.  The site lists main  phone numbers, including the Base Operator and Public Affairs, and provides  a contact form.  The Public Affairs office often handles the various incoming  concerns about issues or impacts associated with Seymour Johnson AFB and  DCR operations.  Seymour Johnson AFB also maintains a presence on social  media, details of which can be found in the Existing Tools section of issue  COM‐1.    Compatibility Assessment There is no single point of contact designated for Seymour Johnson AFB and  the DCR for the communities to contact about issues or impacts associated  with Seymour Johnson AFB and the DCR operations.  Current practice is  community representatives communicate with Seymour Johnson AFB  through informal means—interpersonal relationships, which can be  impermanent and unreliable.  This informal means of communication can  result in inconsistent follow‐through, unresolved issues, and / or incomplete  information and does not provide consistent opportunities to strengthen and  build relationships.  Adding to the lack of designated points of contact, the military rotation of  service members, especially senior leadership can present challenges in  maintaining continuity when it comes to communication and coordination.  The lack of formal communication and coordination procedures with these  challenges can make communication and coordination between the Air Force  and the communities unreliable, frustrating, and cumbersome.  Informal  Page 5.5‐10  Findings  The lack of formal communication and coordination procedures  between the military and communities can make communication and  coordination unreliable and ineffective in the long‐term.    ISSUE  COM‐8  Coordination with the Military on Cell Tower Siting   Although some [Y\\[p\]Y\0Pp؜X[۰][X][ۜܰY0[0\0pZ[]\p\ۛpYYY0YpY0\YY]pZ[[][pPpܚ]\XK\]X[]H\\Y[pXZܚ]pٰZ\Xp[pTYp\Xp\\Y0ܰYp\pٰZ[]\p]X][۰Z[[˰0Y\\ٰp\pٰ]X][۰Z[[0\pXܛ[0\ܝ0