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Background Report I I‐795 Interstate 795 ICEMAP Installation Complex Encroachment Management Action Plan ICRMP Integrated Cultural Resources Management Plan IDA International Dark Sky Association IE Infrastructure Extensions IES Institute for Education Sciences IFR Instrument Flight Rules INRMP Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan IR instrument routes ITRE Institute for Transportation Research and Education J JLUS Joint Land Use Study JO Joint Order JTAC Joint Tactical Air Controller K KIAS knots indicated airspeed L LAS Land / Air / Sea Space LEG Legislative Initiatives LG Light and Glare LOS Level of Service LU Land Use M MAB Military Advisory Board MAC Massachusetts Airport Comm MACA Mid‐Air Collision Avoidance MADE Military Airspace Data Entry MAR Marine Environment MCAS Marine Corps Air Station MLT mobile land target MOA Memorandum of Agreement MOA Military Operations Area MOAs Military Operations Areas MOUT Military Operations Urban Te MTR Military Training Route MTRs military training routes MSL mean sea level MW Megawatt N N No NAAQS National Ambient Air Quality
I L   I‐795  ICEMAP  ICRMP  IDA  IE  IES  IFR  INRMP  IR  ITRE  Interstate 795  Installation Complex Encroachment  Management Action Plan  Integrated Cultural Resources Management  Plan  International Dark Sky Association Infrastructure Extensions   Institute for Education Sciences Instrument Flight Rules  Integrated Natural Resources Management  Plan  instrument routes  Institute for Transportation Research and  Education  LAS LEG LG LOS LU   M   MAB MAC MACA MADE MAR MCAS MLT MOA MOA MOAs MOUT MTR MTRs MSL MW   J   JLUS  JO  JTAC  Joint Land Use Study  Joint Order  Joint Tactical Air Controller   K N knots indicated airspeed      N NAAQS Background Report  Military Advisory Board Massa ͕  ͥ)5A ͥ ٽ)5х  ч )5ɥ ٥ɽ)5ɥ  Mхѥ) хɝ)5Ʌշ ɕ)5х =Ʌѥ ɕ)5х =Ʌѥ ɕ)5х =Ʌѥ Uɉ QɅ)5х QɅ Iє)х Ʌ ɽѕ) ͕ ٕ)5݅+ + )-%O + )1  M M )1ͱѥٗ %ѥѥٕ)1 ɔ)1ٕ M٥)1 U͔+ )9)9ѥ   EՅ Mхɑ)A