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Communication / Coordination between Wayne County , City of Goldsboro and Seymour Johnson AFB regarding Development Review While Seymour Johnson AFB and jurisdictions may engage in informal verbal and electronic communications , there is no formalized reciprocal coordination that delineates points of contact , types of projects , review timeframes , roles and responsibilities , or acknowledgement of Session Law 2014‐79 between Seymour Johnson AFB and the City of Goldsboro and Wayne County for review of development plans .
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Seymour Johnson AFB – AICUZ Update : Compatible Use Zone Section 5.3 of the Air Installation Compatible Use recommends that local governments should con planning and zoning actions . Establishing forma suggested and recommended to ensure continu communication . Both jurisdictions have very lim proposed development outside of the zoning ov development plans are sent to Seymour Johnson however , proposed development outside of the not have a mandated or formal military review .
Compatibility Assessment While Seymour Johnson AFB and local communities may engage in informal , personal and electronic communication on certain matters , there is no formal agreement establishing delineated points‐of‐contact , associated contact information , or the roles and responsibilities for each affected agency within the JLUS Study Area . This absence of formal communication protocol with points‐of‐contact for the base and communities can create an unreliable , disjointed communication network from which to address issues and concerns that may arise between the community and the military regarding development review . Not only does this create an unreliable communication network for development review , it ultimately can be costly for both the military and communities if incompatible development is not mitigated or addressed early in the development review process .
A comprehensive development review that allows for military comment and feedback facilitates the early evaluation of impacts that proposed development could have on Seymour Johnson AFB and DCR missions . Conversely , a military‐inclusive development review can identify potential impacts to the community regarding the proposed development .
House Bill 254 : Notice of Land-use Plann House Bill 254 , titled An Act Amending the Requ Land‐Use Planning and Zoning Changes to be Giv Counties or Cities Near the Military Base , require ( BOC ) to provide written notice to the command changes within five miles of a military base . The between 10 to 25 days before the public hearing public hearing , the military may provide comme regarding the compatibility of the proposed chan at the base . If the BOC does not receive a respo notice , the military is deemed to waive the comm
The proposed changes requiring notice are :
• Changes to the zoning map .
• Changes that affect the permitted uses of
• Changes relating to telecommunications t
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ISSUE  COM‐4  Communication / Coordination between Wayne  County, City of Goldsboro and Seymour Johnson AFB  regarding Development Review  While Seymour Johnson AFB and jurisdictions may  engage in informal verbal and electronic  communications, there is no formalized reciprocal  coordination that delineates points of contact, types of  projects, review timeframes, roles and responsibilities, or  acknowledgement of Session Law 2014‐79 between  Seymour Johnson AFB and the City of Goldsboro and  Wayne County for review of development plans.      Compatibility Assessment While Seymour Johnson AFB and local communities may engage in informal,  personal and electronic communication on certain matters, there is no  formal agreement establishing delineated points‐of‐contact, associated  contact information, or the roles and responsibilities for each affected agency  within the JLUS Study Area.  This absence of formal communication protocol  with points‐of‐contact for the base and communities can create an  unreliable, disjointed communication network from which to address issues  and concerns that may arise between the community and the military  regarding development review.  Not only does this create an unreliable  communication network for development review, it ultimately can be costly  for both the military and communities if incompatible development is not Z]Y]Y0ܰY\Y0X\p[p][Y[0]Y]\˰0p\Z[]p][Y[0]Y]]0[ܰZ[]\p[Y[0[0YYXX[]]\pX\p][X][۰ٰ[\X]0Y0][Y[0[0]p۰^[[\۰Q[0԰Z\[ۜ˰0۝\[K0pZ[]\x$[\]p][Y[0]Y][Y[Yp[X[0[\Xp[][]pY\[pY0][Y[ 00Yp Kx$ ^\[”^[[\ۈQ8$RPV\]NZ\[[][ۂ\]XH\HۙBX[۰ KٰpZ\[[][۰\]Xp\pۙp RPVp\ܝ0X[Y[]0[0ݙ\Y[[0۝[Yp[ܛpp\pٰ[[[0ۚ[X[ۜ˰0\X\[ܛX[0ܙ[][۰\Y\Y0[0X[Y[Y0[\p۝[YY0X\ٝ[0[][X][ۋ00\\X[ۜ]p\p[Z]Y0ܛX[0ܙ[][۰ܰY0][Y[0]Ypٰpۚ[ݙ\^p\X˰0[Yp\\][Y[0[\p[0^[[\۰Q۰[Y8$\\]\0Y0][Y[0]Ypٰp\\X[ۘ[0ݙ\^\\0]ppX[]Y0ܰܛX[0Z[]\p]Y]˰00\H[ MXHو[ ]\H[[[ۚ[[\’\p[0 M 0]Y0[X0[Y[[p\]Z\[Y[[]Y0Xpٰ[8$\p[[[0ۚ[[\p][pZ[]\p\pp[Y\ܰ]Y\X\pZ[]\p\K0\]Z\\p\0ٰ[Z\[ۙ\pݚYpܚ][Xpp[X[\ٰpZ[]\p\pٰ[\][]pZ[\ٰpZ[]\p\K0pܚ][Xp]\0p[0]Y[ L0 p^\YܙppXXX\[˰0[ܰp]pٰpXXX\[0pZ[]\pX^pݚYp[Y[ܰ[[\\pY\[p\]X[]pٰpY0[\]0Z[]\p\][ۜ]0p\K0Yp\0XZ]pp\ۜp][ 0^\ٰpXK0pZ[]\p\Y[YY0Z]pp[Y[0\[ pY0[\\]Z\[Xp\Nk[\pۚ[X\ k[\]0YX0p\Z]Y0\\ٰ[ k[\[][[X[][X][ۜ\ܰ[Z[˰Xܛ[0\ܝ0