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However , these efforts do not extend beyond the immediate area of Seymour Johnson AFB . This leaves a void in the communication network among other jurisdictions that are influenced by Seymour Johnson AFB and the DCR either due to operational or economic impact .
The DCR is affiliated with Seymour Johnson AFB and there is airspace between the two installations used for military training , which makes the mission footprint coverage expansive . Thus , it is important that the communication network extend as far as the mission footprint to ensure the military is informed of potential future activities and development and conversely , the communities are informed of military operations that may impact daily community activities . It is especially important to improve communication among the DCR flyover counties . An initiated and strengthened communication network can create proactive responses to situations rather than reactive and potentially costly ones .
Due to the vast area covered by the Seymour Johnson AFB and the DCR operations , the communication network can be challenging to initiate and maintain , especially given the military and civilian leaders ’ rotation schedules , term limits and military resources .
Existing Tools
Dare Bomb Range Advisory Council The Dare Bomb Range Advisory Council represents one example of community and military collaboration that works to balance community needs with the military mission . The Council consists of state and local government officials , Seymour Johnson AFB personnel , Air Force and Navy representatives , US Fish and Wildlife Service staff , and local citizens . The Council holds meetings twice a year to discuss military operations at the DCR , which includes an open forum to address any comments and concerns from the public .
Community Organizations The Outer Banks of North Carolina are in Dare County . There are several community organizations along the Outer Banks – an area proximate to the
Background Report
DCR , including the Outer Banks Chamber of Com Commission . However these organizations do n formally support the military . This lack of militar northeastern communities of North Carolina can opportunities for both the military and commun
• Due to the vast area that is impacted by S operations , it can be difficult to develop a with the northeast counties further from
• The Dare Bomb Range Advisory Council w relationship between the communities , Se DCR .
Coordination with Northeas Jurisdictions Lack of coordination between Dare County Range and northe counties , cities and towns on p issues leading to lack of inform coordinated evaluation of reci impacts .
Compatibility Assessment While there are state laws that mandate countie coordinate with the military within five miles of North Carolina , there are no requirements for no counties or municipalities in the JLUS Study Area
However, these efforts do not extend beyond the immediate area of  Seymour Johnson AFB.  This leaves a void in the communication network  among other jurisdictions that are influenced by Seymour Johnson AFB and  the DCR either due to operational or economic impact.    The DCR is affiliated with Seymour Johnson AFB and there is airspace  between the two installations used for military training, which makes the  mission footprint coverage expansive.  Thus, it is important that the  communication network extend as far as the mission footprint to ensure the  military is informed of potential future activities and development and  conversely, the communities are informed of military operations that may  impact daily community activities.  It is especially important to improve  communication among the DCR flyover counties.  An initiated and  strengthened communication network can create proactive responses to  situations rather than reactive and potentially costly ones.  Due to the vast area covered by the Seymour Johnson AFB and the DCR  operations, the communication network can be challenging to initiate and  maintain, especially given the military and civilian leaders’ rotation schedules,  term limits and military resources.   DCR, including the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce and Roanoke Island  Commission.  However these organizations do not have a partnership with or  formally support the military.  This lack of military engagement within the far  northeastern communities of North Carolina can lead to missed  opportunities for both the military and communities.  Findings Community Organizations The Outer Banks of North Carolina are in Dare County.  There are several  community organizations along the Outer Banks – an area proxim ]ppXܛ[0\ܝ0Ypp\0\Xp]0\[\XY0p^[[\۰Q ԰\][ۜ0]0[pYX[0][0[0XZ[Z[[Y[Y[0]0pܝX\0[Y\\\pp\Kkp\pX[pY\ܞp[[0ܚYpp[][ۜ\0]Y[p[][]Y\0^[[\۰Q0[0ԋTQpx$ ܙ[][۰]0ܝX\0ܝ0\[p\\X[ۜXٰܙ[][۰]Y[^[[\۰Q \p[p[p[0ܝX\0ܝ0\[p[Y\0]Y\[0ۜ۰[[[0[0\p\Y\XY[Xٰ[ܛX][۰\[[0ܙ[]Y0][X][۰ٰX\[0][Y[0[\X˰^\[‘\HX[HY\ܞH[[p\pX[pY\ܞp[[0\\[ۙp^[\pٰ[][]p[0Z[]\pXܘ][۰]0ܚ[[p[][]pYY]0pZ[]\pZ\[ۋ0p[[0ۜ\ٰ]p[0[0ݙ\Y[0ٙXX[0^[[\۰Q\ۛ[ 0Z\ܘp[0]p\\[]]\0T\0[0[Yp\XpY0[0[0]^[˰0p[[0YY][XppYX\\\Z[]\p\][ۜ]0pԋ0X0[Y\[[ܝ[pY\[p[Y[[0ۘ\ppXX˰k\]X[]H\\Y[[p\p\p]p]]0X[]p[Y\[0][X\[]Y\ܙ[]p]0pZ[]\p][]pZ[\ٰpXZܰZ[]\p[[][۰[ܝ0\[K0\p\p\]Z\[Y[ܰܝX\0ܝ0\[p[Y\ܰ][X\[]Y\[pTYp\Xp\\pܙ[]pYp Kx$