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Improvements to laser‐weapon technology could allow for it to be used for a wide variety of operations , including air‐to‐air combat , counter‐drone activities , and ground attack . Laser‐weapons could also provide a costeffective alternative to missiles in many combat scenarios . Current technologies are not suitable to install efficient laser‐weapons onto fighter aircraft , but this is one of the engineering projects that is being studied . Advancements in this technology could change the way that land is used to train pilots in the use of these systems , and it may be possible to have laser targets located in standing water . This could change the way DCR is used if parts of it become unusable for typical land‐based targets due to sea level rise .
• DCR is one of the coastal areas facing the greatest risks from sea level rise according to Legacy Project # 08‐410 .
• Considering the low elevation of the terrain , as sea level rises , range surface areas may become inundated with water to the point that utilizing the current roads , facilities , and targets may not be possible by the year 2100 according to the Legacy Project authors that evaluated the 2007 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change sea level rise scenario .
• Although various studies and computer modeling show that coastal areas will experience land loss as sea level rises , potential future Weapon System and Platform Technology may advance in the future as to sustain DCR training operations .
Background Report
Improvements to laser‐weapon technology could allow for it to be used for a  wide variety of operations, including air‐to‐air combat, counter‐drone  activities, and ground attack.  Laser‐weapons could also provide a cost‐ effective alternative to missiles in many co X]0[\[˰0\[0XY\\p0Z]Xp[[0YXY[0\\$X\ۜ۝Y\Z\ܘY 0]0\\ۙpٰp[[Y\[ڙX]0\Z[YYY 0Y[[Y[[\Xp[0[pp^p]0[0\\Y0Z[[[p\pٰ\p\[\0[0]0X^ppXp]p\\\]]Y0[[[]\0\[0[pp^p԰\\Y0Y\ٰ]0XYp[\Xpܰ\X[0[8$\Y0\]YpXp][0\K[[»k԰\ۙpٰp\[0\X\X[pܙX]\0\pXp][0\pXܙ[YXpڙX08$ L kۜY\[p[]][۰ٰp\Z[0\Xp][0\\0[p\Xp\X\X^pXYp[[]Y0]0]\p[0]0][^[p\[0Y0X[]Y\0[0\]X^p0pXpppYX\ L 0Xܙ[pYXpڙX0]]ܜ]0][X]Y0p [\ݙ\Y[[0[[0۰[X]p[pXp][0\p[\[˰k[Y0\[\YY\[0\]\[[[]0\[0\X\[0^\Y[p[0\Xp][0\\0[X[0]\pX\۰\[p[0]ܛpXpX^pY[p[p]\p\\Z[԰Z[[\][ۜ˰Xܛ[0\ܝ0Yp K8$