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Development Ordinance . Building permits are processed by the Engineering and Planning Department ’ s along with the Inspections Department before a permit is issued . Any requirement pertaining to noise attenuation is processed by the Planning Department and any findings pertaining to a reduction in noise are then forwarded to the Inspections Department .
Source : City of Goldsboro Building Code
Annexations and Easements Property owners within the City of Goldsboro are able to enter into an easement agreement with an organization or public agency . An easement can grant the right to enforce restrictions and monitor the property . For example , an avigation easement protects the use of airspace above a specified height . Programs typically compensate property owners for easements due to the loss of use of land . Currently , there are no existing easements within Goldsboro .
The City of Goldsboro has the power to annex an area not contiguous or contiguous to its primary corporate limits . North Carolina allows three methods of annexation , city‐initiated , by petition from property‐owners or residents , and by act of the General Assembly .
City of Washington The City of Washington is located on the north end of the Pamlico River on the eastern plain in State of North Carolina . The City is Beaufort County ’ s County Seat .
The following is a review of the existing planning tools utilized by the City of Goldsboro along with a brief analysis identifying their ability to address land use and military compatibility , and where potential improvements can be made . The following planning tools are evaluated :
• City of Washington Comprehensive Plan
• City of Washington Zoning Ordinance
• City of Washington Subdivision Ordinance
• City of Washington Building Code
• City of Washington Annexations and Easem
Comprehensive Plan The City of Washington ’ s Draft 2030 Comprehen 2013 . The 2030 plan ’ s policies and goals were de including ; downtown and waterfront developme community appearance , historic preservation , to transportation and mobility , public services and business districts , housing , and neighborhoods .
The following goals and policies indirectly suppo
Economic Development Goal 1 : Washing strong and diverse economy , providing q generating local government revenues t continued provision of quality public ser
Housing Goal 1 : Promote an adequate su affordable , and suitable housing options
A review of the comprehensive plan has identifie related to military compatibility :
• The comprehensive plan does not recogni Source : City of Washington Draft 2030 Comprehensive P
Zoning Ordinance The purpose of the zoning ordinance is to serve city and to recognize appropriate uses of land fo and ETJ ’ s . The zoning ordinance divides the land districts . Although Seymour Johnson AFB and m specifically identified within the County ’ s regulat
Background Report
   Development Ordinance.  Building permits are processed by the Engineering  and Planning Department’s along with the Inspections Department before a  permit is issued.  Any requirement pertaining to noise attenuation is  processed by the Planning Department and any findings pertaining to a  reduction in noise are then forwarded to the Inspections Department.      Comprehensive Plan The City of Washington’s Draft 2030 Comprehensive Plan, was completed in  2013. The 2030 plan’s policies and goals were developed through 10 themes  including; downtown and waterfront development, economic development,  community appearance, historic preservation, tourism and eco‐tourism,  transportation and mobility, public services and facilities, commercial  business districts, housing, and neighborhoods.   Source: City of Goldsboro Building Code  Annexa [ۜ[X\[Y[”\pۙ\][p]pٰ؛ܛ\pXp[\[[X\[Y[0YܙY[Y[0]0[ܙ[^][۰ܰXXY[K0[X\[Y[0[ܘ[0pY0[ܘp\X[ۜ[0[ۚ]ܰp\K0ܰ^[\K0[]Y][۰X\[Y[0Xp\pٰZ\XpXݙppXYYY0ZY 0ܘ[\\X[p\[]p\pۙ\ܰX\[Y[Yppٰ\pٰ[ 0\[K0\p\p^\[X\[Y[][؛ܛ˰p[[[0XY\[\Xp\ܝ0Z[]\p\]X[]NXۛZX][Y[0[0 N\[۰[0]ppۙ[0]\pXۛ^K0ݚY[]X[]p؜0[0[\][[0ݙ\Y[0][Y\]0[ܰp۝[YY0ݚ\[۰ٰ]X[]pXX\X\[0X[]Y\˰p]pٰ؛ܛ\p\[^0[\Xp0۝Y[\ܰ۝Y[\][X\pܜܘ]p[Z]˰0ܝ0\[p[YpY]ٰ[^][ۋ0]x$[]X]Y 0p]][۰p\x$ۙ\ܰ\Y[0[0pX0ٰp[\[0\[XK\[[0 N[p[Y\]X]p\pٰYK0YܙXK0[0Z]Xp\[[ۜܰ\Y[˰p]Y]ٰp\Z[]p[\Y[YYY0p[ۘ\[]Y0Z[]\p\]X[]N]Hو\[ۂp]pٰ\[۰\]Y0۰pܝ0[0ٰp[[X]\۰pX\\Z[[]pٰܝ0\[K0p]p\X]Yܝ0[x&\[pX] 00kۚ[ܙ[[Bp\pٰpۚ[ܙ[[p\\pp[\[0[\pٰp]p[0Xۚ^p\X]p\\ٰ[0ܰ\X\][]\\X[۰[0U&\˰0pۚ[ܙ[[p]Y\p[0][p]p[ M\p\X˰0[Y0^[[\۰Q[0Z[]\p\][ۜ\p0XYX[pY[YYY0][p[x&\Y[][ۜ0pۚ[ܙ[[p]pٰ\[۰\Z[]p[]pٰ\[۰ۚ[ܙ[[pXܛ[0\ܝ0p\Z[]p[\0Xۚ^p^[[\۰Q00\N]pٰ\[۰Y0 0\Z[]p[0 Lp[\p]Y]ٰp^\[[[][^Y0pp]pٰ؛ܛ[ۙ]0pYY[[\\Y[YZ[Z\X[]pY\[0\p[0Z[]\p\]X[]K0[0\p[X[0[\ݙ[Y[[pXYK0p[[[\p][X]Ykk]pٰ\[۰X]\[۰ܙ[[p]pٰ\[۰Z[[p]pٰ\[۰[^][ۜ[0X\[Y[0Yp 8$ p