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Height Restrictions Zoning districts RA‐30 , RA‐20 , R‐15 , R‐10 , VI , AI and AP have maximum heights of 35 feet , while zoning districts CS , and LI have a maximum height of 50 and 75 feet . Additionally , zoning district HI has no maximum height .
Dark Sky Wayne County does not employ a dark sky ordinance to control light pollution and prevent glare , light trespass , and skyglow .
Sound Attenuation Sound attenuation is not included in any of the Wayne County plans or ordinances .
The following compatibility concerns are based on a review of the zoning regulations :
• Mobile homes are permitted uses within the AP district .
• Maximum heights within zoning districts CS , LI and HI may cause potential impacts with aviation operations .
• The zoning ordinance does not provide sound attenuation standards to further protect the community from military operational noise .
• No height requirements for telecommunication towers or wind energy development are stated within the ordinance .
Source : Wayne County Zoning Ordinance , 1967
Building Code Wayne County follows the 2012 North Carolina Uniform Statewide Building Code . The Wayne County Building Code does not include provisions for sound attenuation as it relates to sound transmission from external noise sources to the internal spaces within a building .
Easements Property owners within Wayne County are able agreement with an organization or public agency right to enforce restrictions and monitor the pro avigation easement protects the use of airspace Programs typically compensate property owners loss of use of land .
Currently , there are no existing easements withi
City of Goldsboro The City of Goldsboro is located within the cente eastern plain in State of North Carolina . The City Seat .
The following is a review of the existing planning Goldsboro along with a brief analysis identifying use and military compatibility , and where poten made . The following planning tools are evaluate
• City of Goldsboro Comprehensive Plan
• City of Goldsboro Zoning Ordinance
• City of Goldsboro Subdivision Ordinance
• City of Goldsboro Unified Development O
• City of Goldsboro Building Code
• City of Goldsboro Annexations and Easem
Comprehensive Plan Adopted in 2013 , the City of Goldsboro develope plan that guides development within the city ’ s b unincorporated parts of Wayne County that exte Within the plan , the city recognizes the need to Johnson AFB and its air operations . The city reco Seymour Johnson AFB and integrating the install
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Easements Property owners within Wayne County are able to enter into an easement  agreement with an organization or public agency.  An easement can grant the  right to enforce restrictions and monitor the property.  For example, an  avigation easement protects the use of airspace above a specified height.   Programs typically compensate property owners for easements due to the  loss of use of land.  Height Restrictions  Zoning districts RA‐30, RA‐20, R‐15, R‐10, VI, AI and AP have maximum  heights of 35 feet, while zoning districts CS, and LI have a maximum height of  50 and 75 feet.  Additionally, zoning district HI has no maximum height.    Dark Sky  Wayne County does not employ a dark sky ordinance to control light  pollution and prevent glare, light trespass, and skyglow.    Currently, there are no existing easements within Wayne County.  Sound Attenuation  Sound attenuation is not included in any of the Wayne County plans or  ordinances.   City of Goldsboro The City of Goldsboro is located within the center of Wayne County on the  eastern plain in State of North Carolina.  The City is Wayne County’s County  Seat.    p[\]X[]pۘ\\p\Y0۰p]Y]ٰpۚ[Y[][ۜΰk[ؚ[pY\\p\Z]Y0\\][pT0\X kX^[][pZY][ۚ[\X0p[0pX^p]\p[X[0[\X]0]X][۰\][ۜ˰00kpۚ[ܙ[[p\0ݚYp[0][X][۰[\\\X0p[][]ppZ[]\p\][ۘ[0\K00kZY0\]Z\[Y[ܰ[X[][X][۰\ܰ[0[\p][Y[0\p]Y0][pܙ[[Kp[\p]Y]ٰp^\[[[][^Y0pp]pٰ؛ܛ[ۙ]0pYY[[\\Y[YZ[Z\X[]pY\[0\p[0Z[]\p\]X[]K0[0\p[X[0[\ݙ[Y[[pXYK0p[[[\p][X]Ykkkkkk\N^[p[pۚ[ܙ[[K0 NM\Z[]H[YY0[ L0p]pٰ؛ܛ][Y0p 8$YX\\Z[]p[]0ZY\][Y[0][p]x&\[\Y\0]U0[0[[ܜܘ]Y0\ٰ^[p[p]0^[0\0p]x&\U0][p[0p]pXۚ^\pYY0\ܝ0[0X0^[[\۰Q[0]Z\\][ۜ˰0p]pXۚ^\p[\ܝ[pٰ^[[\۰Q[0[Yܘ][p[[][۰]0p[][]x&\Z[[B^[p[pp Lܝ0\[p[Yܛp]]YpZ[[K0p^[p[pZ[[p\0[Ypݚ\[ۜܰ[0][X][۰\]0[]\[0[Z\[۰p^\[0\p\\p[\[0X\][pZ[[˰00000Yp 8$ Ͱ]pٰ؛ܛ\Z[]p[]pٰ؛ܛۚ[ܙ[[p]pٰ؛ܛX]\[۰ܙ[[p]pٰ؛ܛ[YYY0][Y[0ܙ[[p]pٰ؛ܛZ[[p]pٰ؛ܛ[^][ۜ[0X\[Y[Xܛ[0\ܝ0