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Code of Ordinances Hyde County ’ s Code of Ordinances includes an airport code establishing procedures for commercial flights for the Hyde County Airport . Height limits are required for Inner , Outer , Transitional , and Operational zones within the Airport Approach District .
No construction , structure , or tree within these areas are permitted to be at a height of 50 feet or above . In addition the following uses have the potential to impact the approach surface zone , horizontal surface zone , conical surface zone or transitional surface zones are restricted .
( 1 ) Create electrical interference with navigational signals or radio communication between the airport and aircraft ;
( 2 ) Make it difficult for flyers to distinguish between airport lights and others ;
( 3 ) Result in glare in the eyes of flyers using the airport ; ( 4 ) Impair visibility in the vicinity of the airport ; ( 5 ) Create bird strike hazards ; or
( 6 ) Otherwise endanger the landing , taking off or maneuvering of aircraft intending to use the county airport .
Within the Code of Ordinances , Hyde County does not have countywide zoning and only has zoning for the area designated as the Ocracoke Development . Maximum heights within this zoning area are permitted up to 35 feet with exceptions up to 40 feet .
Height Restrictions Outside of the Airport Approach District and Ocracoke Development there are no restrictions regulating the height of structures , buildings , towers , or trees . Heights of these could create an obstruct MTRs within the county .
Dark Sky Hyde County does not employ a dark sky ordinan and prevent glare , light trespass , and skyglow . H nature of the county , light pollution is not a sign currently addressed .
Sound Attenuation Sound attenuation is not included in any of the H ordinances .
The following compatibility concerns are based o ordinances :
• Seymour Johnson AFB and DCR are not re zoning code .
• The topics of noise , vibration , and lighting compatibility to the military activities are ordinance .
• No height requirements for telecommunic development are stated within the Code o
Source : Hyde County Code of Ordinances
Subdivision Ordinance Hyde County ’ s Subdivision Ordinance was amen subdivision regulations typically define the stand requirements for land division , they can also hel encroachment of an installation or adjacent ope allowable types of infrastructure improvements subdivision , such as street lights . Subdivision reg
Background Report
Code of Ordinances Hyde County’s Code of Ordinances includes an airport code establishing  procedures for commercial flights for the Hyde County Airport.  Height limits  are required for Inner, Outer, Transitional, and Operational zones within the  Airport Approach District.    trees.  Heights of these could create an obstruction for aircraft utilizing the  MTRs within the county.   Dark Sky  Hyde County does not employ a dark sky ordinance to control light pollution  and prevent glare, light trespass, and skyglow.  However, due to the rural  nature of the county, light pollution is not a significant issue that needs to be  currently addressed.    No construction, structure, or tree within these areas are permitted to be at  a height of 50 feet or above.  In addition the following uses have the  potential to impact the approach surface zone, horizontal surface zone,  conical surface zone or transitional surface zones are restricted.    Sound Attenuation  Sound attenuation is not included in any of the Hyde County plans or  ordinances.   (1) Create electrical interference with navigational signals or  radio communication between the airport and aircraft;  The following compatibility concerns are based on a review of the code of  ordinances:  (2) Make it difficult for flyers to distinguish between airport  lights and others;   Seymour Johnson AFB and DCR are not recognized within the county’s  zoning code.   The topics of noise, vibration, and lighting associated with  compatibility to the military activities are not addressed in the  ordinance.   No height requirements for telecommunication towers or  development are stated within the Code of Ordinances.  (3) Result in glare in the eyes of flyers using the airport;  (4) Impair visibility in the vicinity of the airport;  (5) Create bird strike hazards; or  (6) Otherwise endanger the landing, taking off or  maneuvering of aircraft intending to use the county airport.  Source: Hyde County Code of Ordinances  Within the pٰܙ[[\0Yp[p\0]p[]Ypۚ[[0ۛp\ۚ[ܰp\Xp\Yۘ]Y0\pܘXp][Y[ 0X^[][pZY][\ۚ[\Xp\p\Z]Y0\0pY]0]0^\[ۜ\0 0Y] 00X]\[ۈܙ[[BYp[x&\X]\[۰ܙ[[p\[Y[Y0[ ˰[pX]\[۰Y[][ۜ\X[pY[pp[\0Y\\0[0\\]Z\[Y[ܰ[0]\[ۋ0^p[[[0][0ܰ[Z]0]\p[ܛXY[0ٰ[[[][۰ܰYX[0\][ۘ[0\X\pXYZ[[Xp\\ٰ[\X\p[\ݙ[Y[\X]Y0]0pX]\[ۋ0X0\Y]0Y˰X]\[۰Y[][ۜ[p\Y0\pZY0\X[ۜ]YpٰpZ\ܝ0\X0\X0[0ܘXp][Y[0\p\p\X[ۜY[][pZY0ٰX\\0Z[[0\0ܰXܛ[0\ܝ00Yp 8$ p