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Building Code Bertie County follows the 2012 North Carolina Uniform Statewide Building Code . The Bertie County Building Code does not include provisions for sound attenuation as it relates to sound transmission from external noise sources to the internal spaces within a building .
Easements Property owners within Bertie County are able to enter into an easement agreement with an organization or public agency . An easement can grant the right to enforce restrictions and monitor the property . For example , an avigation easement protects the use of airspace above a specified height . Programs typically compensate property owners for easements due to the loss of use of land .
Most rural counties , including Bertie County , lack the funding acquire easements to protect the land may improve military compatibility . Currently , there are no existing easements within Bertie County .
Dare County Dare County is located on the easternmost coast in the State of North Carolina . The City of Manteo is the largest city and County Seat .
The following is a review of the existing planning tools utilized by Dare County along with a brief analysis identifying their ability to address land use and military compatibility , and where potential improvements can be made . The following planning tools are evaluated :
• Dare County Comprehensive Plan
• Dare County Land Use Plan
• Dare County Zoning Code
• Dare County Subdivision Ordinance
• Dare County Building Code
• Dare County Easements
Comprehensive Plan Dare County has not developed a comprehensiv was prepared .
Land Use Plan As required by the State of North Carolina , Dare Use Plan to include CAMA standards and regulat
Dare County ’ s Land Use Plan was established in statement and objectives based on past and cur to land use patterns in order to determine goals County ’ s development vision states the need to historic , cultural , and natural resources . Objecti the following elements :
• Public access ;
• Land use compatibility ;
• Infrastructure carrying capacity ;
• Natural hazard areas ;
• Water quality ; and
• Local areas of concern There are currently 82 policies stated within the two , Land Use Compatibility , it discusses policies strategies in order to mitigate conflicts with exis associated with the county ’ s airports , landing ar
Policy LUC # 11
Due to potential land use conflicts and h associated with airports and landing str adjacent properties should be done in aw potential conflicts and conditions . Propo existing services at the Dare County Reg other airport facilities in Dare County sh
Background Report
Building Code Bertie County follows the 2012 North Carolina Uniform Statewide Building  Code.  The Bertie County Building Code does not include provisions for sound  attenuation as it relates to sound transmission from external noise sources to  the internal spaces within a building.       Comprehensive Plan Dare County has not developed a comprehensive plan at the time this study  was prepared.  Land Use Plan As required by the State of North Carolina, Dare County updated the Land  Use Plan to include CAMA standards and regulations.    Easements Property owners within Bertie County are able to enter into an easement  agreement with an organization or public agency.  An easement can grant the  right to enforce restrictions and monitor the property.  For example, an  avigation easement protects the use of airspace above a specified height.   Programs typically compensate property owners for easements due to the  loss of use of land.  Dare County’s Land Use Plan was established in 2009, and contains a vision  statement and objectives based on past and current populations in addition  to land use patterns in order to determine goals for future land uses.  Dare  County’s development vision states the need to preserve the county’s  historic, cultural, and natural resources.  Objectives within the plan comprise  the following elements:  Most rural counties, including Bertie County, lack the funding acquire  easements to protect the land may improve military compatibility. Currently,  there are no existing easements within Bertie County.   Public access;   Land use compatibility;   Infrastructure carrying capacity;   Natural hazard areas;   Water quality; and   Local areas of concern  There are currently 82 policies stated within the land use plan. Under section  two, Land Use Compatibility, it discusses policies and implementation  strategies in order to mitigate conflicts with existing and future land uses  associated with the county’s airports, landing areas, and Dare County Range.    Dare County Dare County is located on the easternmost coast in the State of North  Carolina.  The City of Manteo is the largest city and County Seat.    The following is a review of the existing planning tools utilized by Dare  County along with a brief analysis identifying their ability to address land use  and military compatibility, and where potential improvements can be made.   The following planning tools are evaluated:        Policy LUC #11  Dare County Comprehensive Plan  Dare County Land Use Plan  Dare County Zoning Code  Dare County Subdivision Ordinance  Dare County Building Code  Dare County Easements  Background Report  Due to potential land use conflicts and hazardous conditions  associated with airports and landing strips, development of  adjacent properties should be done in awareness of these  potential conflicts and conditions. Proposals to expand  existing services at the Dare County Regi ۘ[0Z\ܝ0ܰ\Z\ܝ0X[]Y\[\p[p[0p]Y]Y0۰p0Yp 8$ p