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The Land Use Plan serves as an overall “ blueprint ” for the development of Bertie County that when implemented , results in the most suitable and appropriate use of the land and protection of the county ’ s natural resources .
The plan includes an analysis of existing and emerging conditions that affect Bertie County , including current and projected population trends , housing characteristics , and economic conditions . Other factors that were analyzed and considered in the planning process included existing land use and development patterns , projected land use needs and community facilities and utilities . The plan also includes a land suitability analysis and a plan for the future , which involves land use and development goals and policies . An implementation strategy was also developed to describe the county ’ s implementation strategies for the updated Land Use Plan .
A review of the Land Use Plan reveals the following areas of interest related to military compatibility :
• The plan includes a section titled “ Things to Consider to Identify Inappropriate Land Uses ,” which includes undesirable characteristics , such as Noise , vibration , and light .
• The plan does not address the military presence from a land use compatibility perspective .
Development Agreement Ordinance The Bertie County Development Agreement Ordinance establishes standards and procedures for entering into development agreements for long‐term , large‐scale developments . The ordinance establishes minimum requirements for developers , development agreement procedures , and legal provisions . Under the ordinances development agreements are optional for the county and are only entered into at the request of the developer .
Zoning Ordinance Bertie County has not adopted a zoning ordinance .
Height Restrictions With no zoning ordinance , there are no restrictio structures , buildings , towers , or trees . Heights o obstruction for aircraft utilizing the MTRs within
Dark Sky There is no lighting ordinance for Bertie County prevent glare , light trespass , and skyglow . Howe of the county , light pollution is not a significant i currently addressed .
Sound Attenuation Sound attenuation is not included in any of the B ordinances .
Subdivision Ordinance Bertie County ’ s Subdivision Ordinance went into ensure effective growth throughout the county .
The following compatibility concerns are based o regulations :
• Bertie County ’ s Subdivision Regulations do direction that would protect Seymour Joh activities from encroachment .
• The approval process does not require no owners purchasing land in a subdivision th effects of military or airport operations su
• Buffers are to be implemented for residen by commercial , industrial , office , or institu
Source : Bertie County Subdivision Ordinance , 2005
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Height Restrictions  With no zoning ordinance, there are no restrictions regulating the height of  structures, buildings, towers, or trees.  Heights of these could create an  obstruction for aircraft utilizing the MTRs within the county.   The Land Use Plan serves as an overall “blueprint” for the development of  Bertie County that when implemented, results in the most suitable and  appropriate use of the land and protection of the county’s natural resources.  The plan includes an analysis of existing and emerging conditions that affect  Bertie County, including current and projected population trends, housing  characteristics, and economic conditions. Other factors that were analyzed  and considered in the planning process included existing land use and  development patterns, projected land use needs and community facilities  and utilities.  The plan also includes a land suitability analysis and a plan for  the future, which involves land use and development goals