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Residential Property Disclosure Statement The Residential Property Disclosure Act requires owners of residential real estate to provide purchasers a Residential Property and Owners ' Association Disclosure Statement . A disclosure statement must be provided in connection with the sale , exchange , option , and sale under a lease with option to purchase . A disclosure statement is not required for some transactions , including the first sale of a dwelling which has never been inhabited . The owner must fill out the statement to the best of their knowledge . One of the questions on the disclosure , which was added in 2010 , requires the disclosure of any noise , odor , smoke , etc . from commercial , industrial or military sources which affects the property . However , for each of the questions , the owner is able to check “ No Representation ,” which allows the owner not to disclose conditions or characteristics of the property , even if they have actual knowledge of them or should have known of them .
State Land Use Policy and Control In 1974 , the State of North Carolina granted individual counties and municipality ’ s authority to develop comprehensive or land use plans . Counties and cities that are not subject to the CAMA Land Use Plan are not required to adopt a comprehensive or land use plan .
Zoning Exercise of Powers The most fundamental implementation tool is zoning . A zoning ordinance establishes regulations for the use of land and some standards for development within identified zoning district boundaries . A related zoning map identifies properties that are located within different zoning categories . Zoning regulations must be uniform for each class or kind of development throughout each district , but regulations usually differ between districts .
Additionally , zoning regulations can include control of subdivisions from one to three miles beyond the boundary . These regulations allow for compatible jurisdictions to be developed between cities , wh urban areas .
During the adoption or amendment of a zoning o platting / replatting of a development , a city must installation within five miles of the city boundary delivered by the planning board to the military in before the proposal meeting .
4.6 North Carolina County an and Programs
The North Carolina General Assembly granted au municipalities to regulate land use through Gene and G . S . 153A‐121 . The counties and municipali exercise these authorities , but if these powers a exercised in accordance with specific provisions
The nature of a jurisdiction ’ s authority to regulat that jurisdiction ’ s form of local government .
The planning tools used by the study area jurisdi categorized as permanent , semi‐permanent , or c authority to regulate land use is delegated by th municipalities . The nature of a jurisdiction ’ s aut use depends on that jurisdiction ’ s form of local g
The following planning tools are discussed for ea
• comprehensive plan / land use plan ;
• zoning ( including height , dark skies , sound
• subdivision regulations ;
• building codes ; and
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Residential Property Disclosure Statement jurisdictions to be developed between cities, while limiting sprawl outside of  urban areas.    The Residential Property Disclosure Act requires owners of residential real  estate to provide purchasers a Residential Property and Owners' Association  Disclosure Statement. A disclosure statement must be provided in  connection with the sale, exchange, option, and sale under a lease with  option to purchase. A disclosure statement is not required for some  transactions, including the first sale of a dwelling which has never been  inhabited.  The owner must fill out the statement to the best of their  knowledge.  One of the questi ۜ۰p\\K0X0\YY0[ L 0\]Z\\p\\pٰ[p\K0܋0[K0]˰p[Y\X[ 0[\X[0ܰZ[]\p\\X0YXp\K]\0ܰXX0ٰp]Y\[ۜ0pۙ\\XpX8'\\[][ۋ8'pX0[pۙ\0\pۙ][ۜܰ\X\\Xٰp\K0][Y^p]pXX[0ۛYpٰ[pܰ[0]pۛ۰ٰ[K\[pY[۰ܰ[Y[Y[0ٰpۚ[ܙ[[pܰ[\ݘ[0ٰp][ܙ\][ٰp][Y[ 0p]p]\0Yp[pZ[]\p[[][۰][]pZ[\ٰp]p[\K0[0YX][ۜ[0p[]\Y0pp[[\0pZ[]\p[[][ۋ0]0X\0 L0^\Yܙpp[0YY][˰00 pܝ0\[p[\[0\[Xpܘ[Y0]]ܚ]p[Y\[0][X\[]Y\Y[]p[0\pY0[\[0]]p ˔ˊp Mx$ M0[0˔˰ MLx$ LK0p[Y\[0][X\[]Y\\p0\]Z\Y0^\\p\p]]ܚ]Y\0]0Y\p\\p^\\Y 0^p]\0p^\\Y0[Xܙ[p]0XYXݚ\[ٰۜ]p]˰00]H[\HXH[۝[ NM 0p]pٰܝ0\[pܘ[Y0[]YX[0[Y\[0][X\[]x&\]]ܚ]p][0\Z[]pܰ[0\p[˰00[Y\[0]Y\]0\p0XX0pSPp[0\p[\p0\]Z\Y0Y0p\Z[]pܰ[0\p[00p]\pٰp\\X[۸&\]]ܚ]pY[]p[0[0\p\[۰]0\\X[۸&\ܛpٰ[0ݙ\Y[ 00p[[\Y0ppYp\Xp\\X[ۜ\p[[^Y0[0]Yܚ^Y0\\X[[ 0[Zx$\X[[ 0ܰۙ][ۘ[ 0[[X[K0]]ܚ]pY[]p[0\p\[Y]Y0pp]p[Y\[0][X\[]Y\˰0p]\pٰp\\X[۸&\]]ܚ]pY[]p[0[0\p\[۰]0\\X[۸&\ܛpٰ[0ݙ\Y[ 00ۚ[^\\Hو\•p[0[[Y[[0[\[Y[][۰0\ۚ[˰pۚ[ܙ[[p\X\\Y[][ۜܰp\pٰ[0[0Yp[\ܰ][Y[0][Y[YYY0ۚ[\X0[\Y\˰p[]Y0ۚ[X\0Y[YY\\Y\]0\p]Y0][Y\[0ۚ[]YܚY\˰ۚ[Y[][ۜ]\0p[YܛpܰXX0\ܰ[0ٰ][Y[0Y]0XX0\X 0]0Y[][ۜ\X[pY\]Y[\X˰p[[[\p\\Y0ܰXX0\\X[ێkkkkY][ۘ[K0ۚ[Y[][ۜ[[Yp۝0ٰX]\[ۜpۙpYpZ[\^[ۙ0p[\K0\pY[][ۜ[ܰ\]XpYp 8$ 0ܝ\[H[H[][X\[[˜[ܘ[\°\Z[]p[ [0\p[ۚ[ [Y[ZY 0\Y\0[0][X][ۊNX]\[۰Y[][ۜZ[[\[0Xܛ[0\ܝ0