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ETJ . However in recent years and in the case of local governments working cooperatively , cities with a population of 10,000 to 25,000 may request for an ETJ of up to two miles outside the city boundary . If the city has a population over 25,000 then it can request an ETJ of three miles . Within these areas , the county may , at the city council ’ s request , exercise their own land use powers within the city ’ s limits or ETJ .
In addition , if a city is interested in enforcing its own zoning and / or subdivision regulations within the ETJ area , the city must present reasoning as to by residents within the ETJ may influence the planning agency and zoning board of adjustments decisions .
Governor ’ s Land Compatibility Task Force Report In May 2012 , the Governor for the State of North Carolina ' s Land Compatibility Task Force published a report that provides a framework for preventing encroachment on and near military installations , training routes , and training areas within the state . The recommendations outlined in the report serve to protect and enhance military missions while maintaining positive relationships with the surrounding communities . Improper , uncoordinated land use planning has led and continues to lead to the degradation and loss of working lands and natural resources critical to the state .
House Bill 254 : Notice of Land-use Planning and Zoning Changes House Bill 254 , titled An Act Amending the Requirements Related to Notice of Land‐use Planning and Zoning Changes to be given to a Military Base by Counties or Cities near the Military Base , was enacted in the 2013 General Assembly Session . The Bill establishes that prior to any changes located within five miles of a military base , the Board of Commissioners must provide written notice to the commander of the military base . The written notice must be sent between 10 to 25 days before the public hearing . Prior to the date of the public hearing , the military may provide comments or analysis to
the board regarding the compatibility of the pro operations at the base . If the board does not rec days of the notice , the military is deemed to wai
The proposed changes requiring notice are :
1 . Changes to the zoning map . 2 . Changes that affect the permitted uses of la 3 . Changes relating to telecommunications tow 4 . Changes to proposed new major subdivision
5 . An increase in the size of an approved subdi percent ( 50 %) of the subdivision ' s total land and undeveloped land .
House Bill 433 : Military Lands Prote North Carolina ’ s House Bill 433 was established the state ’ s military installations by developing he standards for buildings and / or structures within installation . Other concerns addressed by the le sea spaces , along with radio frequency encroach
Counties and / or cities that are located near a mi prohibited from constructing or approving a tall without consent from the Building Code Council developed , the person proposing the constructio to the Building Code Council .
• Identification of the major military installa commander of the installation that is loca proposed tall building or structure .
Background Report
ETJ.  However in recent years and in the case of local governments working  cooperatively, cities with a population of 10,000 to 25,000 may request for  an ETJ of up to two miles outside the city boundary.   If the city has a  population over 25,000 then it can request an ETJ of three miles.  Within  these areas, the county may, at the city council’s request, exercise their own  land use powers within the city’s limits or ETJ.    the board regarding the compatibility of the proposed changes with military  operations ]0p\KYp\0\0XZ]pp\ۜp][ 0^\ٰpXK0pZ[]\p\Y[YY0Z]pp[Y[0\[ pY0[\\]Z\[Xp\NK[\pۚ[X\ [Y][ۋ0Yp]p\[\\Y0[[ܘ[]۰ۚ[[ ܰX]\[۰Y[][ۜ][pU\XK0p]p]\0\[0X\ۚ[\p\Y[][pUX^p[Y[pp[[Y[p[0ۚ[\0ٰY\Y[X\[ۜ˰00[\]0YX0p\Z]Y0\\ٰ[ ˈ[\[][[X[][X][ۜ\ܰ[Z[˰ [\Y0]XZܰX]\[۰[[Z[\p]˰K[[ܙX\p[p^pٰ[\ݙY0X]\[۰p[ܙp[Yp\[0 L JpٰpX]\[ۉ[0[0\Xp[Y[][Y0[0[][Y0[ ݙ\ܸ&\[\]X[]H\ܘH\ܝ[X^p L0pݙ\ܰܰp]pٰܝ0\[I[0\]X[]p\ܘpX\Y0p\ܝ0]0ݚY\p[Y]ܚܰ][[[ܛXY[0۰[0X\Z[]\p[[][ۜ0Z[[]\0[0Z[[\X\][p]KpX[Y[][ۜ][Y0[p\ܝ0\pX0[0[[pZ[]\pZ\[ۜ[pXZ[Z[[]]p[][ۜ\]0p\[[[][]Y\˰[\\0[ܙ[]Y0[0\p[[\Y0[0۝[Y\XY0pYܘY][۰[0ٰܚ[[[0]\[0\\\ܚ]X[0p]K\H[ ΈZ[]\H[X[ۈXو L“ܝ0\[x&\\p[0 \\X\Y0[ L0[Yܝ\ܝ0p]x&\Z[]\p[[][ۜp][[ZY0Y[][ۜ[0[\ܰZ[[[ ܰX\\][[Z]ppZ[]\p[[][ۋ0\ۘ\Y\Y0ppY\][ۜ\pٰZ\[0XpX\0[ۙ]0Y[\]Y[p[ܛXY[ [Y\[ ܰ]Y\]0\p]Y0X\pZ[]\p[[][۰\pX]Y0pۜX[ܰ\ݚ[p[0Z[[[ ܰX\p]]0ۜ[0ppZ[[p[[ 0YpX\p\p][Y 0p\۰[pۜX[۰]\0XZ]0p[pZ[[p[[ 0\H[ MXHو[ ]\H[[[ۚ[[\’\p[0 M 0]Y0[X0[Y[[p\]Z\[Y[[]Y0Xpٰ[8$\p[[[0ۚ[[\p][pZ[]\p\pp[Y\ܰ]Y\X\pZ[]\p\K0\[XY0[p L[\[0\[Xp\[ۋp[0\X\\]0[ܰ[p[\]Y0][]pZ[\ٰpZ[]\p\K0p\0ٰ[Z\[ۙ\]\0ݚYpܚ][Xpp[X[\ٰpZ[]\p\K0pܚ][Xp]\0p[0]Y[ L0 p^\YܙppXXX\[˰[ܰp]pٰpXXX\[0pZ[]\pX^pݚYp[Y[ܰ[[\\Xܛ[0\ܝ0k0Y[YX][۰ٰpXZܰZ[]\p[[][۰[0p\p[X[\ٰp[[][۰]0\]Y0][]pZ[\ٰpY0[0Z[[ܰX\KYp 8$ M