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including , when applicable , threatened and endangered species and important habitat , management of noxious weeds , grasslands and wildland fire , wildlife and riparian management , water resources and water rights , inter‐agency responsibilities and coordination efforts , and the overall management plan for natural resources at Seymour Johnson AFB to ensure no loss of capability for training exercises . The INRMP serves as a planning tool for future activities at Seymour Johnson AFB as a road map for the stewardship of natural resources found on the base .
Cultural Resources Management Plan DOD Instruction 4715.3 and Air Force Instruction ( AFI ) 32‐7065 require military installations to develop an Integrated Cultural Resources Management Plan ( ICRMP ) as an internal compliance and management tool integrating the entirety of the cultural resources program with ongoing mission activities . The Seymour Johnson AFB ICRMP was last updated in February 2016 . The ICRMP includes a review of the installation ’ s history and past historical and archaeological survey efforts as well as standard operating procedures to help preserve cultural resources on the installation .
Seymour Johnson currently contains two buildings that are eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places ( NRHP ), Fort Fisher Air Force Recreation Area ( FFRA ) currently contains one property that is eligible for listing on the NRHP , and Dare County Bomb Range contains no cultural resources that are eligible for the NRHP .
Storm Water Plan The Seymour Johnson AFB Storm Water Plan provides procedures for managing storm water discharges from the installation industrial facilities , construction sites , and from oil water separators not associated with wastewater discharges to receiving waters in the Neuse River Basin . The Storm Water Plan was prepared to meet all requirements of the North Carolina Division of Water Quality NPDES to permit the discharge of storm water from the Seymour Johnson AFB into waters of the state . The plan
provides tables to identify each best manageme frequency of the BMP , measurable goals for eac schedule , funding , and the responsible person o implementation . The goal of the plan is to reduc from the base to the maximum extent practicab planning document and is amended to address c processes . The plan was revised on April 1 , 2017 requires that SJAFB complete a Storm Water Ann completed on March 21 , 2017 .
Comprehensive Watershed Protecti The objective of the Comprehensive Watershed develop , implement , and enforce a program to a from new development and redevelopment pro transportation maintained by SJAFB , that disturb acre . The CWPP was last updated May , 2015 . De added projects that add impervious areas , other and improvement projects , that are greater than reported in the Stormwater Annual Report . Proje brief description , permits issued , receiving strea proposed impervious area ( square feet ), BMPS , impervious area and remaining credits .
Seymour Johnson AFB employed a Comprehensi Strategy ( whole base approach ) by reducing imp in 2007 . The 2014 annual report calculations sho credit . Through 2016 , SJAFB has established a re remaining to be used to offset new developmen consumed . Even though SJAFB has an establish continue to protect natural resource areas , ripar impact development and green infrastructure pr its design considerations .
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including, when applicable, threatened and endangered species and  important habitat, management of noxious weeds, grasslands and wildland  fire, wildlife and riparian management, water resources and water rights,  inter‐agency responsibilities and coordination efforts, and the overall  management plan for natural resources at Seymour Johnson AFB to ensure  no loss of capability for training exercises. The INRMP serves as a planning  tool for future activities at Seymour Johnson AFB as a road map for the  stewardship of natural resources found on the base.   provides tables to identify each best management practice (BMP) used,  frequency of the BMP, measurable goals for each BMP, implementation  schedule, funding, and the responsible person or position for  implementation. The goal of the plan is to reduce the discharge of pollutants  from the base to the maximum extent practicable. The plan serves as a  planning document and is amended to address changes in discharges or  processes. The plan was revised on April 1, 2017. The Storm Water Plan  requires that SJAFB complete a Storm Water Annual Report.  This was  completed on March 21, 2017.  Cultural Resources Management Plan Comprehensive Watershed Protection Plan DOD Instruction 4715.3  [0Z\ܘp[X[۰ QJp ̸$ p\]Z\pZ[]\p[[][ۜ][0[[Yܘ]Y0[\[0\\\X[Y[Y[0[ PԓT p\[[\[0\X[p[0X[Y[Y[00[Yܘ][p[\]pٰp[\[0\\\ܘ[p]0ۙ[Z\[۰X]]Y\˰0p^[[\۰QPԓT0\\0\]Y0[XX\p M0pPԓT0[Y\p]Y]ٰp[[][۸&\\ܞp[0\0\ܚX[0[0\Y[X[0\^pYܝ\[0\[\0\][Y\\[0\\p[\[0\\\۰p[[][ۋ0pؚX]pٰp\Z[]p]\Y0X[۰[  p\][ 0[\[Y[ 0[0[ܘppܘ[pY\ܛp]\[ٙp]][Y[0[0Y][Y[0ڙX0[Y[XX[ܝ][۰XZ[Z[Y0pҐQ0]0\\ܙX]\[ܰ\]X[0ۙpXܙKp0\\0\]Y0X^K0 MK0[[][۰ڙX[0 ܰYY0ڙX]0Y0[\\[\\X\0\[][pXZ[[[p[0[\ݙ[Y[0ڙX0]0\pܙX]\[ K 0]X\pY] 0[0p\ܝY0[pܛ]]\[X[0\ܝ ڙX0[ܛX][۰[0[YpYY\ܚ\[ۋ0\Z]\YY 0XZ][X[\0Z[Yp\XK0]0Y0[\\[\\Xp ]X\pY] K0T0[YpYXY0ܰX]Y 0[\\[\\Xp[0[XZ[[ܙY]˰0^[[\۰\[p۝Z[Z[[]0\p[YXpܰ\[۰p][ۘ[0Y\\ٰ\ܚXX\  K0ܝ0\\Z\ܘpXܙX][۰\Xp Jp\[p۝Z[ۙp\p]0\[YXpܰ\[۰p 0[0\p[pX[p۝Z[[\[0\\\]0\p[YXpܰp 0^[[\۰Q[\YY0p\Z[]p]\Y0X[۰]Yp p\p\X ppYX[[\\[\[0Y[[[ ˰p M0[X[0\ܝ0[[][ۜ\pY0p pXܙpܙY] Y0 M0ҐQ\\X\Y0p[XZ[[ KMXܙpܙY]0[XZ[[p\Y0ٙ]0]][Y[0[[0pܙY]0\ۜ[YY 00][Y0ҐQ\[\X\Y0ܙY] 0p\p[0۝[YpX0]\[0\\p\X\0\\X[Y\0][^p[\X0][Y[0[0ܙY[[\X\pXX\ ]ٚ]p\p\0ٰ]\Y۰ۜY\][ۜ˰ܛH]\[p^[[\۰Qܛp]\[ݚY\Y\\ܰX[Y[ܛp]\\\\pp[[][۰[\X[0X[]Y\0ۜX[۰]\0[0p[0]\\\]ܜ0\X]Y0]0\]]\\\\XZ][]\[p]\p]\\[0pܛp]\[\\\Y0YY]0[0\]Z\[Y[ٰpܝ0\[p]\[۰ٰ]\]X[]pT\Z]0p\\pٰܛp]\pp^[[\۰Q[]\ٰp]K0p[Yp 8$ M0Xܛ[0\ܝ0