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resources and their habitat . The Refuge System maintains the biological integrity , diversity and environmental health of these natural resources , which involves controlling or eradicating invasive species , using fire in a prescribed manner , assuring adequate water resources , and assessing external threats like development or contamination .
The Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge located in East Lake , NC has been designated a protected area and is managed by the USFWS .
Noise Control Act of 1972 The Noise Control Act of 1972 identified that noise not adequately controlled has the potential of endangering the health and welfare of people . It states that all Americans are entitled to an environment free from noise that can jeopardize their general health and quality of life . Along with state , local , and territorial governments , actions from the federal government were needed to ensure that the objectives of the Act were met .
Concurrently , military installations were experiencing the impacts from encroaching urban development located adjacent to the installation and the resulting complaints regarding noise from military flight operations . In 1973 , the DOD responded by establishing the AICUZ program .
The Noise Control Act and the AICUZ program are important because encroaching development and increased population near military installations often creates compatibility issues . As communities grow , it is important that the military installation , developers , and the communities work together to mitigate the issue of noise and develop ways to coexist successfully .
National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 The National Historic Preservation Act ( NHPA ) of 1966 requires federal agencies to consider the effects of a proposed project on properties listed in , or eligible for listing in , the National Register of Historic Places ( NRHP ).
Because no specific action is being proposed as p the review of cultural resources is focused on th resources and not potential effects that would r proposed action .
Currently there are no resources or sites eligible
Partners in Flight Program The DOD has implemented a program entitled P and enhances the military testing , training , and s habitat‐based management strategies . The prog managers in monitoring , inventory , research , an their habitats . As part of the Partners in Flight p created that can be incorporated into a BASH pla beyond the boundaries of the installation to faci partnerships and determine the current status o the further endangerment of birds .
Range Air Installations Compatible The Range Air Installations Compatible Use Zone used to identify safety zones and noise contours related operations and training exercises such as bombing practice conducted on a range . The pr to provide local government and land managem recommended land uses to protect the general w impacts related to military training and operatio of the military mission and readiness .
The Navy completed a RAICUZ report for Dare C The noise contours from this report have been in
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resources and their habitat. The Refuge System maintains the biological  integrity, diversity and environmental health of these natural resources,  which involves controlling or eradicating invasive species, using fire in a  prescribed manner, assuring adequate water resources, and assessing  external threats like development or contamination.  Because no specific action is being proposed as part of this planning process,  the review of cultural resources is focused on the identification of existing  resources and not potential effects that would result from a specific  proposed action.   Currently there are no resources or sites eligible for listing on the NRHP.  The Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge located in East Lake, NC has been  designated a protected area and is managed by the USFWS.  Partners in Flight Program The DOD has implemented a program entitled Partners in Flight that sustains  and enhances the military testing, training, and safety mission through  habitat‐based management strategies.  The program assists natural resource  managers in monitoring, inventory, research, and X[Y[Y[0ٰ\[0Z\X]]˰0\\0ٰp\\[Y0ܘ[K0p]YX[\ܙX]Y0]0[p[ܜܘ]Y0[pT0[0\ܘ[pXX\^[ۙ0p[\Y\ٰp[[][۰X[]]p[][]p\\\[0]\Z[pp\[0]\ٰ\0[][ۜ][0p\\[[\Y[0ٰ\˰\H۝Xو NM̂p\p۝0X0ٰ NM̰Y[YYY0]0\p0Y\]X][p۝Y0\p[X[0ٰ[[\[pX[0[0[\pٰ[K0]0]\]0[0[Y\X[\p[]Y0[[\ۛY[0Ypp\p]0[[\^pZ\[\[0X[0[0]X[]pٰYK0[ۙ]0]K0[ 0[0\]ܚX[0ݙ\Y[0X[ۜppY\[0ݙ\Y[0\pYYY0[\p]0pؚX]\ٰpX0\pY] 00ۘ\[K0Z[]\p[[][ۜ\p^\Y[[p[\Xp[ܛX[\[][Y[0]Y0YX[0p[[][۰[0p\[[\Z[Y\[\ppZ[]\pY0\][ۜ˰0[ NM0p0\ۙY0p\X\[pRPVܘ[K[HZ\[[][ۜ\]XH\Hۙ\•p[pZ\[[][ۜ\]Xp\pۙ\ RPVp\p]pܘ[p\Y0Y[YpY]pۙ\[0\p۝\\X]Y0]0Z[]\x$[]Y0\][ۜ[0Z[[^\\\X0\X\ۜ[]\p[0\]0X[XXpۙXY0۰p[K0p[X\p\pٰpRPV\ݚYp[0ݙ\Y[0[0[0X[Y[Y[0Y[Y\]0X[Y[Y0[0\\X0p[\[0[\pٰpXXp[\X[]Y0Z[]\pZ[[[0\][ۜ[0\\ppXX[]pٰpZ[]\pZ\[۰[0XY[\˰00p\p۝0X0[0pRPVܘ[p\p[\ܝ[0X]\p[ܛX[][Y[0[0[ܙX\Y0[][۰X\Z[]\p[[][ۜٝ[ܙX]\\]X[]p\Y\˰0\[][]Y\ܛ0]0\[\ܝ[0]0pZ[]\p[[][ۋ0][\0[0p[][]Y\ܚ]\Z]Y]pp\Ypٰ\p[0][0^\^\0X\ٝ[K000p]p\]Y0pRPV\ܝ0ܰ\p[p[p[]Y\0 MKp\p۝\p\\ܝ0]pY[[ܜܘ]Y0[\T˰][ۘ[\ܚX\\][ۈXو NMp][ۘ[0\ܚX\\][۰X0 Jpٰ NM\]Z\\Y\[0Y[Y\ۜY\pYXٰpY0ڙX0۰\Y\\Y0[0ܰ[YXpܰ\[[0p][ۘ[0Y\\ٰ\ܚXX\  KYp 8$ L0Xܛ[0\ܝ0