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Seymour Johnson AFB has requested and received funding every fiscal year for REPI since 2010 in order to prevent incompatible land use under the installation ’ s Special Use Airspace and Military Training Routes . The current end state goal for Seymour Johnson AFB is to protect approximately 201,866 acres within the High Risk of Adverse Impact Zone ( HRAIZ ) area as depicted on Figure 3‐23 . Seymour Johnson AFB currently works with two eligible entities , The Nature Conservancy and the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services .
Department of Defense Energy Siting Clearinghouse Section 358 of the 2011 National Defense Authorization Act pertains to studying the impacts of the development of new energy production facilities on military operations and readiness . For example , tall structures constructed for energy production facilities and transmission projects , such as wind turbines and solar power towers as well as electrical transmission towers sited in or under designated low‐altitude military training routes and special use airspace may present a serious collision hazard to military aircraft operations . Additionally , wind turbines located near military test and training ranges can impact airborne military radar capability .
The Energy Siting Clearinghouse serves to coordinate the DOD review of existing applications for energy projects . Several key elements of Section 358 include designation of a senior official and lead organization to conduct the review of energy project applications , a specific time frame for completion of a hazard assessment associated with an application ( 30 days ), specific criteria for DOD objections to projects and a requirement to provide an annual status report to Congress . This legislation facilitates procedural certainty and a predictable process that promotes compatibility between energy independence and military capability .
The Clearinghouse conducts a formal review when required by Section 44718 of Title 49 in the US Code and for projects within military training routes or special use airspace . Developers must file a completed application with the
Secretary of Transportation to begin the formal then submits the application to any DOD compo by the development . The DOD components the comments and recommendations no later than application . Within 30 days of receiving the app must evaluate all comments and recommendati proposed project will either have no impact , an impact is sufficiently attenuated , or an adverse i
When a determination is made that the propose adverse impact , the applicant must discuss the p five days of receiving the notification . If an agre removes any adverse impact of the proposed pr amended and resubmitted to the Secretary of Tr agreement to mitigate the impacts is not reache determines that the proposed project would res national security , then that recommendation is s official . If the senior official also determines an recommendation is submitted to the senior offic determines an unacceptable risk , the senior offic three criteria in Section 211.3 of the US Code cre national security and convey that determination Transportation .
The Clearinghouse also provides an informal rev typically done by a developer to receive a prelim filing under the requirement of the US Code .
Department of Defense Operational The Operational Noise Manual provides a practic civilian personnel with duties and responsibilitie management . The manual assists personnel to u current DOD environmental policy and guidance
Background Report
Seymour Johnson AFB has requested and received funding every fiscal year  for REPI since 2010 in order to prevent incompatible land use under the  installation’s Special Use Airspace and Military Training Routes.  The current  end state goal for Seymour Johnson AFB is to protect approximately 201,866  acres within the High Risk of Adverse Impact Zone (HRAIZ) area as depicted  on Figure 3‐23.  Seymour Johnson AFB cu [pܚ]0[YXp[]Y\0p]\pۜ\[p[0pܝ0\[p\\Y[0ٰYܚX[\p[0ۜ[Y\\X\˰00Xܙ]\pٰ[ܝ][۰Y[pܛX[0]Y]˰00pX\[\p[XZ]p\X][۰[p0\ۙ[]0X^pp[\XY0pp][Y[ 0p0\ۙ[[]\0ݚYpZ\[Y[[0X[Y[][ۜ]\[ 0^\Y\XZ][p\X][ۋ0][ 0^\ٰXZ][p\X][۰pX\[\p]\0][X]p[0[Y[[0X[Y[][۰]\Z[pYpY0ڙX0[0Z]\]p[\X 0[Y\p[\X0]0p[\X0\YXY[p][X]Y 0ܰ[Y\p[\X0]0YYZ]Y]K00\\Y[وY[H[\H][X\[\H[p]\Z[][۰\XYp]0pY0][Y[0[0]p[Y\p[\X 0p\X[0]\0\\pX[]pٰZ]Y][۰][]p^\ٰXZ][pYX][ۋ0Y[YܙY[Y[0\XXY0]0[[ݙ\[pY\p[\X0ٰpY0ڙX 0p\X][۰\[Y[Y0[0\XZ]Y0pXܙ]\pٰ[ܝ][ۋ0Y[YܙY[Y[0Z]Y]pp[\X\0XXY0[0pX\[\p]\Z[\]0pY0ڙX0[0\[0[[[X\Xp\][ۘ[0X\]K0[]0X[Y[][۰\XZ]Y0p[[ܰٙXX[ 0Yp[[ܰٙXX[0[]\Z[\[[X\Xp\0]0X[Y[][۰\XZ]Y0p[[ܰٙX\0Yp[[ܰٙX\]\Z[\[[X\Xp\0p[[ܰٙX\]\0Y[YpX0ٰpYpܚ]\Xp[X[۰ LKٰpTpܙX]pp[X\Xp\][ۘ[0X\]p[0۝^p]0]\Z[][۰pXܙ]\pٰ[ܝ][ۋ0X[۰ N0ٰp Lp][ۘ[0Y[p]]ܚ^][۰X0\Z[YZ[p[\Xٰp][Y[0ٰ][\pX[۰X[]Y\۰Z[]\p\][ۜ[0XY[\˰ܰ^[\K0[0X\\ۜXY0ܰ[\pX[۰X[]Y\[0[Z\[۰ڙX0X0\[0\[\[0\\\\[0\[XX[0[Z\[۰\]Y0[ܰ[\\Yۘ]Y0$[]YpZ[]\pZ[[]\[0XX[0\pZ\XpX^p\[0p\[\\[۰^\0Z[]\pZ\ܘY0\][ۜ˰0Y][ۘ[K0[0\[\]Y0X\Z[]\p\0[0Z[[[\[[\X0Z\ܛpZ[]\pY\\X[]Kp[\p][X\[\p\\ܙ[]pp0]Y]ٰ^\[\X][ۜܰ[\pڙX˰0]\[0^p[[Y[ٰX[۰ N0[Yp\Yۘ][۰ٰp[[ܰٙXX[0[0XY0ܙ[^][۰ۙX0p]Y]ٰ[\pڙX0\X][ۜ0pXYX[Yp[Ypܰ\][۰ٰp^\0\\Y[0\X]Y0]0[\X][۰ 0^\K0XYXܚ]\Xpܰ0ؚX[ۜڙX[0p\]Z\[Y[0ݚYp[[X[0]\\ܝ0ۙܙ\˰0\Y\][۰X[]]\Y\[0\Z[p[0pYXXp\]0[\\]X[]p]Y[[\p[\[[p[0Z[]\p\X[]K0pX\[\p[ݚY\[[ܛX[0]Y][\]Y\Y 0\\\X[pۙppp][\XZ]pp[[Z[\p]\Z[][۰Yܙp[[[\p\]Z\[Y[0ٰpTK\\Y[وY[H\][ۘ[\HX[X[p\][ۘ[0\pX[X[0ݚY\pXX[0Y\[pܰZ[]\p[0][X[\ۛ[0]0]Y\[0\ۜX[]Y\[\][ۘ[0\pX[Y[Y[ 0pX[X[0\\\ۛ[0[\[0[0[\[Y[0\[00[\ۛY[[0Xp[0ZY[K0pXZܚ]pٰpX[X[0pX\[\pۙXpܛX[0]Y][\]Z\Y0pX[۰ N0ٰ]p p[pTp[0ܰڙX][Z[]\pZ[[]\ܰXX[0\pZ\XK0][\]\0[pp\]Y0\X][۰]0pXܛ[0\ܝ00Yp 8$ p