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Table 3-8. Seymour Johnson AFB Military Training Routes Hours of Operation Floor Elevation (Feet Above Ground Level) MTR Corridor Width (Nautical Miles) IR-012 Segments D- H Continuous 500 AGL (Segment D-E) 8 NM (Segment D-E) 2000 MSL (Segment E-H) 4 NM (Segment E-F) VR-042 Segments A-C 10:00 AM- 4:00 AM 500 AGL VR-043 Segments J-M Continuous 200 AGL 10 NM VR-073 Segments C-L Continuous 100 AGL (Segment C-F) 10 NM(Segment C-G) 1000 AGL (Segment F-G) 3.5 NM (Segment G-H) 100 AGL (Segment G-L) 10 NM (Segment H-L) MTR 6 NM (Segment A-B) 8 NM (Segment B-C) Continuous 100 AGL 10 NM VR-085 Continuous 500 AGL (Segment A-G) 10 NM (Segment A-E) 5000 AGL (Segment G-H) 6 NM (Segment E-H) Hours of Operation IR-718 Segment I-J NAS Oceana Continuous 7000 MSL 10 NM IR-719 Segment H-I NAS Oceana Continuous 5000 MSL 10 NM VR-1046 Segments I-L1 MCAS Cherry Point 6:00 AM-6:00 PM Monday-Friday 500 AGL 2 NM VR-1713 Segments F-H Andrews AFB 7:30 AM-Sunset 100 AGL 15 NM (Segment F-G) VR-1753 Segments E-H NAS Oceana MTR 6 NM (Segment F-H) VR-084 Segments E-I DOD Authority Floor Elevation (Feet AGL/MSL) 6 NM (Segment G-H) Continuous 500 AGL 6 NM (Segment G-H) Source: DOD Flight Information Publication, Area Planning, Military Training Routes, North  and South America, National Geospatial‐Intelligence Agency, Effective 25 June 2015; DOD  Area Planning AP/1B Chart, Military Training Routes – Eastern US,  National Geospatial‐ Intelligence Agency, Effective 5 January 2017; Federal Aviation Administration, Charlotte  st Sectional, 101  Edition, Effective 5 January 2017    MTR DOD Authority Hours of Operation VR-054 NAS Oceana 12:00 AM-8:00 PM 100 AGL 4 NM (Segment B) 8 NM (Segment C) IR-062 Segments A-C, K-M NAS Oceana Continuous 3000 MSL 8 NM VR-071 NAS Oceana 7:00 AM-9:00 PM 100 AGL 8 NM Page 3‐40  VR-1