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2 0 1 9 | J . H A RV E S T & F RO S T | 37 j.harves t & f ro s t R E GUL A R 2903301 s –4xl SLIM FIT 290 3302 s –xxl WOMAN 2903303 xs–4xl indigo bow 33 310 o ra n g e 100 w h i t e 710 g re e n 410 re d 500 sk y b lue Summer in a shirt. Tropical colors, authentic, characteristic wrinkling texture, casual, refined, vacation. All words describing our classical airy open weaved 100% linen shirt. The only shirt that deserves to be wrinkled and looks better this way. The shirt ages with beauty and only im- proves over time. So grab your gear, and get ready for summer. • INDIGO BOW LINE. • PLAIN WEAVE, SOLID 2 TONE COLOR. • SMALL CUT-AWAY COLLAR.LIGHTWEIGHT INTERLINING. FOR SOFT TOUCH. 100% LINEN.. • LONG SLEEVE. SOFT ROUND EDGE -CUFF SUPERSOFT GARMENT WASH. EXTRA BUTTONHOLE FOR CUFF LINKS. MACHINE WASHABLE • CLASSIC, 2,5 MM-THICK BUTTONS. • SPLIT BACK YOKE ENSURES SMOOTH • CURVED HEM. CONTOURED SHOULDERS, AND A GREATER RANGE OF MOTION.