JFK Middle School: Patriot Herald Newsletter John F. Kennedy Middle School Newsletter

Patriot Herald TOWN OF ENFIELD Upcoming Events John F. Kennedy Middle School Newsletter Volume 2, Issue 1 October 6th Term 1 Progress Reports distributed October 10 No School—Columbus Day October 11 Fire Truck Arrives for Grade 8 Photograph October 18 Grade 7 and 8 Band student to UCONN in Storrs October 28th Picture re-take day November 8 Election Day—No School November 11 Veterans Day—No School November 18 Grade 6 Dance 2:30-5PM November 23-25 Our Principal’s Message Hi Parents! We are off to a great 20162017 school year! Students are quickly settling into their academic routine and are doing great work. Our teachers are busy building trusting supportive relationships with all of our students. There is a very positive atmosphere in the building. JFK teachers prepare lessons that address a variety of learning styles to ensure all students learn to the best of their ability. Classrooms are busy with lively discussion, experimentation, studentcentered activities, and other forms of authentic learning. In addition, the Fall sports teams are experiencing a great deal of success. What is most impressive is the good sportsmanship that is prevalent among our athletes and coaches. I am excited to remind every- one about our 4R and Patriot Pride programs. The 4R initiative will assist in improving school climate and help us to create our core beliefs together. These are the core beliefs that we will live by as a building throughout the year. Teachers, students, and administrators all participate in this program. Every few weeks, the administration will highlight a different “R” (Responsibility, Readiness, and Relationships) during morning announcements by sharing the students’ ideas of what the R’s look like around our building. As parents, you can remind them of how important it is to be “R”eady for school by eating healthy, getting plenty of rest, and doing their best on homework. The Patriot Pride program recognizes students for doing "good things". The aim is to catch students being kind and doing respectful things for others. It could be anyone, at any time helping out a fellow student or adult. Students will receive a Patriot Pride Card and become eligible for weekly drawings (starting soon) where they can get t-shirts, backpacks, lanyards, pens, and other cool swag. Finally, we would like to hear from you! JFK is a very big school and we can always use your help. We have a very dedicated PTO (and other parent organizations) that need volunteers throughout the year. Please check our website for information and feel free to email me with any questions or concerns at ssargalski@enfieldschools.org . I am looking forward to another productive year! No School Thanksgiving November 29 Evening Conferences 6309PM November 30 Afternoon Conferences 430-6PM December 6 Grade 7/8 Dance 2:30-5PM December 15 Grade 7 Band Concert 79PM JFK Field Hockey Roster Coach Cepetelli Tessie Brookes Bethany Muzulini Kylie Renna Kaylene Stanizzi Kaitlyn Stanizzi Noella Duclos Marguerite Johnson Laney Vandal Alexia Dasilva Tamara Edwards Lindsay Suggs Kara Edwards Lindsey Lawlor Lindsey Flavin Kassidy Rhodes Emily Vandal Amelia Batchelor Zoe Prevost Savanna Stebbins Nakya Cazarez Meredith Higgins