JFI 2017 Digital Calendar January 2017 - Page 2

Welcome back to a New Year!

My name is Józefa and after 35 years of working in the training and corporate learning industry, I still have a deep passion for training and helping people in business learn and ultimately, improve their work performance and quality standards.

However, research shows that six months after the end of workplace training, only 50% of the learning is actually transferred into actions, and what’s more 80% of the ideas generated by executive leadership courses is lost and never used to improve things. What a waste of time and money!

In the first edition of this calendar, back in December 2016, you learned that each month I will give you a training delivery tip, something that helps people learn better and actually excites them enough to want to transfer what they've learned into practice. This not only improves their performance, but also keeps you, and your Executive Board, very happy because you can see real results.

This digital calendar is my way of helping you do just that. Whether you work in HR, L&D, OD/OE or are a Quality Improvement Practitioner, Manager and Leader, you can learn how to measure, and report on, the real value that training adds to your organisation.

Józefa Fawcett


Learning Insights Director

JFI Store

Watch and listen to the training tip in the film over on page 4 and have a great month.