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CONTRIBU TORS ISABELLA LIU Isabella was born in China and came to the UK to study at Birmingham City University’s School of Jewellery. Since 2014 she has had her own design studio called Isabella Liu Jewellery. JANET FITCH Janet is a veteran JF columnist, and has written for both magazines and newspapers including the Sun and the Daily Mail, later owning her own jewellery shops DAVID RHODE David has over 15 years of experience in the trade as one of the co-founders of Ingle & Rhode Create a firework display in your window this November with jewellery from the Luke Stockley Fine Jewellery Collection. /lukestockleylondon @lukestockleyjewellery Luke Stockley, 63-66 Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8LE T . + 4 4 ( 0 ) 2 0 74 9 5 8 0 5 5 E. W. I t is always significant when a major brand takes a step in the right direction. Not solely because of the good that comes from that firm’s activities, but because it represents a loud signal to the rest of the industry about where attitudes are headed. I am talking about Tiffany & Co, which announced this month it will begin sharing the provenance of its newly sourced, individually registered diamonds with consumers. Dubbed the ‘Diamond Source Initiative’, Tiffany scheme traces each diamond (0.18 carats and larger) by way of a laser-etched ‘T&Co’ serial number - invisible to the naked eye - and provides consumers geographic sourcing information specific to their diamond. Tiffany said when announcing the programme that knowing provenance is “critical to ensuring its diamonds are among the most responsibly sourced in the world”. Further plans include “sharing the diamond’s craftsmanship journey”, which they claim is an industry first. Smaller producers, importers, and wholesalers will need to take note. When a behemoth of consumer luxury begins to make provably accurate claims provenance, and to weave it into the fabric of their marketing, it turns the screw just a little more on those who are not ready to make parallel claims about their own offering (honestly so, anyway). We are looking down the barrel of a major shift in consumer expectation – it has already begun of course, but announcements like Tiffany’s mean total transparency is now an inevitability, and those who cannot exercise it properly in the coming decades will lose the race. I hope you enjoy this month’s issue. Please call us to make an appointment with one of our sales team. Prices from £225. EDITOR’S LET TER LEONARD ZELL Leonard has been training fine jewellers for 25 years. His monthly column gives some top tips on sales training and improving your bottom line. MICHAEL NORTHCOTT Editor, Jewellery Focus MAY 2019 | WWW.JEWELLERYFOCUS.CO.UK 3