Jewellery Focus May 2019 - Page 28

FEATURE are mistreated in the supply chain. Why aren’t we enacting the same principles for sustainability and welfare in our jewellery purchases? The diamond industry continues to grow year-on-year, meaning demand is still strong. With that in mind, we need to start better educating millennials - the current generation getting engaged - about what’s going on in the background of this glossy luxury industry, if they’re to avoid buying into a supply chain that is fraught with human rights injustices and environmental atrocities. The good news is: purchasing a diamond or other precious gemstone whilst keeping your environmental conscience clean is actually quite straightforward. Canadian mines are extremely well-regulated, guaranteeing safety, full rights and fair treatment for workers. Strict environmental conservation laws also mean that land is restored once mining is ceased, the release of harmful substances is curbed and contained, and local people and wildlife are protected from the effects of the mining process. Buying from a jeweller who sources their diamonds from a Canadian mine, such as the Ekati and Diavik mines, means you’re safe, as they will be able to produce certificates to show you exactly where your diamond came from. You should also ask your jeweller whether the gold they use is recycled or Fairtrade certified. Poorly sourced gold can see one ring generate up to 20 tonnes of waste, whereas recycled gold and platinum is indistinguishable from new metal but greatly reduces the impact of unethical mining practices. An engagement ring will always be one of life’s biggest purchases. They’re a marker of a significant moment in a person’s life. As millennials move into engagement and marriage territory, it’s vital that they make environmentally conscious choices about all aspects of their future; and their ring purchases come into this. We need to arm young people with the facts that will ensure they make a sustainable choice when faced with this big, once-in-a- lifetime investment. Diamonds for today is UK’s #1 Diamond Supplier, which is now offering you the Engagement & Eternity Collection. This certificated range is guaranteed to the highest quality and is completed with a bespoke display box. This collection is offered with extremely competitive prices. Please contact us for further details. T&C Apply. 6 MAY 2019 | WWW.JEWELLERYFOCUS.CO.UK - Tel. 020 7421 2142