JEMUN 2017 - Page 5

I would like to extend a very warm welcome to all of the students, faculty advisors and guest speakers of the inaugural Japan English Model United Nations (JEMUN) conference. Kindai University is honored to host Japan’s most innovative MUN conference.

At each JEMUN conference, university students from around the world experience cooperative, hands-on learning as they confront contemporary international issues in English from the perspectives of their assigned countries. Through these experiences, during preparation and in committee sessions, participants will develop an appreciation of differing viewpoints, encounter the frustrations of negotiation, and realize the rewards of cooperation. These processes will give students a broader view of the human side of international relations and diplomacy. The experiences all participants will gain at JEMUN truly complement Kindai University’s principle mission to conduct research and provide education relevant to the real world.

Based on the belief that research should provide tangible benefits to society, Kindai University conducts a wide range of research geared toward practical application. A major example of this is our aquaculture research, with which we have achieved what many had considered impossible: the world’s first successful full-cycle aquaculture of bluefin tuna, a species in danger of extinction. Bluefin tuna and other species of fish bred at our facilities are now available for the general public to enjoy at Kindai University-sponsored restaurants in Tokyo and Osaka. These establishments are among the most popular and talked-about places in Japan. Thanks in part to the publicity generated by these and other research accomplishments, Kindai University has had over 100,000 applicants for its entrance examinations each year since 2014. This is more than any other university in Japan.

Well aware that universities can and should serve a vital role in helping society, we have an ongoing project to support a town in Fukushima Prefecture, which was devastated by the March 2011 major earthquake and tsunami, and resulting nuclear power plant accident. Our 14 faculties are pooling their collective knowledge and resources in order to assist the people of Fukushima through projects such as radioactive decontamination. I hope this year’s JEMUN conference will inspire participants to become more civically engaged people who strive for peaceful, multi-lateral conflict resolution and equitable, sustainable human development.

The Japanese government has issued a call for the globalization of universities, and in line with this, Kindai University is working to make ourselves into a more internationally focused university. We are, for example, making efforts to provide more classes taught in English, expanding tie-ups with universities around the world, opening a School of International Studies in 2016 and expanding the opportunities for people to have more meaningful English learning experiences such as JEMUN.

On behalf of Kindai University, I wish you all a successful, fruitful and engaging JEMUN experience.


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