JEMUN 2017 - Page 41

Vina Maulinda

JEMUN is the most interesting and unique Model United Nation that I have ever joined. I can find a lot of incredible things during the conference such as new fabulous friends and teachers, new ways to solve a problem. I also discovered a different way in diplomacy. The committees and delegates are very friendly both at the conference and as a friend. So I hope that I can participate in the next JEMUN and experience another incredible thing.


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Tom Hartwell

JEMUN 2017 was an eye-opening, challenging, and enriching experience. Working as a podcast journalist was especially fulfilling, as it allowed me the opportunity to interview students from all over the world. Also, as neither my partner or I were familiar with podcasting, JEMUN presented us with challenges that we had to work together to solve. The best part of JEMUN was how excited and eager all the participants and advisors were to assist you, or even just talk to try to get to know you better. JEMUN 2017 was wonderful,and I hope to be a part of more conferences in the future.

Takumi Fujii

I was a member of the secretariat team at JEMUN 2017. Though it was not easy for me, it was the most inspiring experience I have ever had. Having met all of the participants from various countries, It made me move forward and I definitely have broader perspectives than before!

Arbenita Sopaj

I have participated in many Model UN and Model EU conferences around the world, the most recent being JEMUN 2017. At JEMUN, I was an Assistant Chair and this role undoubtedly expanded my knowledge. The JEMUN conference organization was truly impressive and the facilities at Kindai University provided us with a comfortable environment to succeed as a group.

Honoka Shibata

I participated in JEMUN 2017 as a videographer. I filmed videos of all the meeting rooms and journalism rooms! It was my first time to try videographer, and I really enjoyed it. Also, I really want to try it again to improve. Nick, Matt, Robert, and Hara-san helped me a lot! Thank you, soooooo much to all the participants for your great job and for cooperating our filming. We'll definitely see you in JEMUN 2018!!!!!!!!!