JEMUN 2017 - Page 25

Disposing of garbage is a growing concern for small Caribbean islands with limited space for landfills. Although recycling technology has become so advanced that some companies can now take garbage as unpromising as old cigarette butts and the pace of recycling efforts in the Caribbean is unhurried. Tourists and local people generate solid waste such as food and kitchen wastes, paper, glass, metal and plastic containers and packaging, construction wastes, clothing, and hazardous wastes.

For this huge problem, Ms. Iroha suggested a great idea to solve the garbage problem. She said “Making a ‘Garbage Island’ leads resolution for the garbage problem in Jamaica”. ‘Garbage Island’ is an artificially-made island where all garbage settles. By making this, they can reduce harmful effect on people and nature on the main land of Jamaica. Moreover, because all garbage gathers at this island, tourists will not see garbage mountains anymore in the main land, and enjoy beautiful nature.

In this meeting room, twelve delegates representing Small Island Developing States (SIDS) in the Caribbean will utilise LEGO bricks as a communication tool to collaboratively develop a set of guiding principles to support further economic growth while protecting and benefiting island environments and communities.


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