JEMUN 2017 - Page 18

“I am quite happy with the result of our resolution today I think we can pass it,” a Lebanese delegate, Nguyen Thi Hong Hanh expressed her confidence. “I think I gave it my all during these 3 days so I am satisfied,” said Reza Maulana, an Egypt delegate.

“I am very very impressed by the delegate’s performances, they are all so outspoken and confident, I have been to many MUN conferences but this one is so fruitful that it is one of the top,” Arbenita expressed her confidence about the delegate`s performances.

At time of press, the delegates is still in the middle of voting process for the resolutions to be passed. However, it seemed that we can look forward for a great result as when great minds all gathered in a collaborative environment for a great cause, we can expect nothing but the achievements of the greater goods.

The hardest part is to convince others to accept your ideas


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