JEMUN 2017 - Page 16

Achieving Accessible Tourism

Meeting Room #2 #

Tourism is an industry growing exceptionally in the past few decades so it possesses some challenges, one of which is the accessibility for different segment of the society.

“We all know that it is basic human rights to have the same access to everything, accessible tourism is a topic not often discussed in many countries so it is so powerful that JEMUN brought this topic for countries to cooperate and find solutions together,” said the assistant chair of the room, Arbenita Sopaj addressing the importance of the topic.

The clock went past 12 pm but the delegates of meeting room #2 were still curled up with their papers and pens, instead of a lunch box and a chopsticks. It seems that achieving the goal of “Accessible Tourism for All” is much more important for the great minds in the room.

Great Minds Working for a Great Cause: Achieving the Goal of “Accessible Tourism for All” in the Meeting Room #2

By Adirani Heraputeri

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